Friday, September 14, 2007


I think in my last post I meant to say "A=B, B=C, thus A=C, therefore, commuter planes smell like stale farts," but that's what happens when you have two glasses of sangria, a "hot toddy" of kahlua, baileys and frangelico, and a glass of champagne once back in the hotel room. There are four of us sharing this room (first time I've slept on the floor in awhile), but it's very exciting. I just read Kristy's vows as I printed them out in the business center and nearly cried. This is probably the first time I've been super exciting for a wedding; it helps that I get to be involved in every part of it. We're about to go get her hair done, as soon as that woman gets out of the hour long shower, then makeup, then off to the venue at 4pm for portraits, and the ceremony at 6pm. It's been moved inside, which was kinda my "worst case scenario," but I have many taltned photographers at my email fingertips who gave me some good advice. Good times.


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