Wednesday, November 07, 2007

3 cars and 1 bike...

...are how many vehicles I saw blatently charging through very red lights on my way home today. The bike was at 16th and U, an intersection where I'm regularly nearly mowed down every other day by idiot drivers, and clearly ridden by a guy who will happily welcome death with open arms when it inevitabely comes his way.

Sometimes I love DC just because it has so many conferences, and people I know are always coming to them, including one particular "Activist, Vegan, Law Student, Cyclist and Parent-to-Be," Jake. We've known each other for nearly three years, when he decided to go to law school and did a little search for law blogs and found the Cosmos. But like most storybook internet friendships, we'd never met in person. So I was happy to find out he's just as interesting and funny as he is on the internets. We got a cup of joe at Busboys and Poets and discussed the usual: how not to freak out during the bar exam, knitting, what gear to buy as a budding cyclist, and how in the world anyone could give up cheese.

So, here's a little pointless story that Jake, as well as my space nerd friends might enjoy. The team I'm working with right now had to run a big training session today, so we ordered sandwiches from our in-house catering for lunch in a conference room during break. We had too much food, so we called some people up to grab the extra, and when this one paralegal arrived, someone said, "Oh, I think there's only meat sandwiches left." Assuming she was like most vegetarians I know, and actually a pescatarian, I asked if she wanted the tuna. She replied, "Oh yeah, I'm not a vegan!" Heh. Except she pronounced it like "vay-gan," like she was proclaiming the fact she wasn't part of an eons-old communication system meant to tell us none of us are alone in Pensacola.


At 11:49 PM, November 07, 2007, Anonymous Brian said...

Sadly I didn't need to click the link to get that reference. There's a better than even chance now that I'll be dreaming of the VLA tonight (and a weird pulsing alien signal).

p.s. buy a helmet!


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