Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another from the Thanksgiving Dinner conversation bag.

We had the television on some football games before and after the meal, and at one point I commented about Payton Manning now starring in every single commercial on tv these days. Donna's boyfriend and Matt the Chef, the same two who were appalled by my post-Thanksgiving leftover sandwich, burst into song about poor, poor football players who suffer with low wages because of NFL salary caps (and thus do endorsements for the real cash).

But the passion with which they were up in arms about their pay was a bit much. I get that their careers are often awfully short, but I argued that they know that in advance, and should not get sucked in by the lavish Superstar lifestyle, and allot their financies accordingly, or alternatively, not bitch about it when they blow their knee at 25 and have an $8000 monthly mortgage to pay.

The boys were very adamant that, compared to other sports, football players get screwed. CRY ME A RIVER. Sure, they're not making millions like Kobe, but I still don't get the part where I'm supposed to pity the dude making $200,000 a year because he'll only make it for five years.

Then today I found this. Ha.


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