Sunday, November 18, 2007


Oh lord. Dick Valentine can have my children. I just got back from my second Electric Six show at the Black Cat (and sober! amazing what going another 300K into debt will do to your consumption), and despite a few nitpicks, it totally rocked, again. Their new album with an impossibly long name actually had to grow on me a bit, unlike Switzerland, which is impossibly killer, but after a few or five run throughs I finally realized it was amazing, just kind of different than their usual style. They actually played Green Building tonight, which I consider their "slow" song, but it's kind of not when you're yelling it at the top of your lungs. Awesome.

Only complaint: That band is way too popular and they have too large a catalog to be playing such a short show, and "4 songs from each album" is not a good ratio, when it means you're not playing Slices of You or Infected Girls (!). I need my awkward moment where I'm dancing like crazy and want to sing along but instead spy around to see who's making up the Herpes Crew yelling, "Infected girls do it better!"

Regardless, my feet blissfully hurt, and even though going to these dance band shows means you often end up to some crazy person shoving their elbows into everyone, I'll be sticking up a reminder to look out for their next swing through DC.


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