Friday, November 09, 2007

Post Script:

In case you were wondering after reading my last post, I am, in fact, the first person ever to buy a house.

Post Post Script:

Reason why the City Paper sucks giant hairy balls Number 248903 -- This morning I was forwarded an article titled something like "Contract Attorney Work Is Awful! Wah!" and I replied-all saying, "I'm having de ja vu. Didn't I get forwarded an article just like this by the CP a few months ago?" Turns out, not only did they publish a very similar whiny-ass article, but it was written by the exact same whiny-ass author; the only two articles he's written for them.

Let me ask you something. When did bitching about what a crap-hole career going to law school will get you become something you can get paid for? (Because hello? TTtC is a fucking GOLDMINE.) More importantly, when did it become something that anyone other than law grads care about? Listen, the fact that this asshole, much like many of us assholes who were stupid enough to get suckered into law school, can't get a decent job...does this interest anyone who isn't already experiencing it, enough to run some in-depth series on it? Is anyone else really concerned about the plight of law school grads? Are they going to start having telethons for us? Is Angelina Jolie going to adopt one of us?

Well, if the last one is true, I have a couple guy friends who say, Rock on City Paper, Rock on.


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