Thursday, November 08, 2007

Seriously, what have I gotten myself into?

Here's a recap of my afternoon:

  • Returned from the clients' office.

  • Called my lender to see what was up in the world of My Loan. She said the magical words, "your loan has been underwritten," which is lender-speak for YOU'RE MOTHEREFFING APPROVED TO BUY A HOUSE, YO.

  • Got an email from my realtor telling me closing as been set: Next Wednesday at 9am I'll be a homeowner.

  • Went to my performance review meeting, my first one ever, in life. It included words like "glowing" and "bonus."

  • Got back to my office, almost immediately reopened a link a friend sent me last week to my dream job.

  • Surveyed friends on the potential salary of said dream job.

  • Gave up idea of dream job. Wondered why life is so unfair.

  • Walked home and hoped the bitter cold would bring back my perspective.

  • It did.* I'm totally almost a mothereffing homeowner. HOMEOWNER. Holy crap.

*Perspective is knowing this house will, in five years, effectively undo the last six, leaving me willing and able to afford my dream job. I shall call it, The Eraser.


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