Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Things are coming along!

Even though I didn't actually complete any projects today, I suddenly feel like I jumped ahead a few steps in the renovation. First, and this is a little silly, but I came to the realization, though of course we all already knew this, that I'm a general contractor. A project manager! The queen of my domain! People come to my house when I tell them to and do what I want them to do to create what I dream of in my homeowner's imagination! (cackle!)

I had two more contractors over today. One is my gate guy, who told me my window sills are rotten because the idiot who used to own my house used non-pressure treated wood for them. So, there's a few more hundred bucks. But, I will have gates on my doors on Friday! I'll have access to my backyard!

Then my second guy came over and told me I couldn't tear the back chimney down (the masonry is in terrible shape on the roof, and the rest of the chimney just takes up space down through the house), because it seems to be physically intertwined with my neighbors, so I risk messing up the nice relationship I have with her so far (she raked my leaves last week, how nice!). So I had to do some fast thinking on my feet about where my fridge was going to go, then realized I tore down part of closet for no reason, and told my contractors to take a chainsaw to my crappy kitchen counter instead. They'll also be rerouting some venting to the roof, something that my loan is actually paying for.

They'll be back later this month to put some insulation in the attic crawl space. If anyone has any knowledge of how much something like that costs, let me know.

Then Brian told me his friend owns a dump truck and that in DC, city license holders can dump for free, so he's going to join me Saturday for some good ol' fashion junk haulin' fun. To save me $250.

After my contractors left, Nick dropped by the house (aren't student friends available during the day great?) and drove me to Silver Spring to the one place on the face of the earth that fixes windows. Thank god.

So things are moving along. Even though none of the projects are really done yet, it seems like things are moving along swiftly. I can almost taste the renovation results!


At 6:35 PM, November 28, 2007, Anonymous Sarah Moffett said...

The world needs more Brians.

Congratulations on the pains and realities of homeowning. And serious props for undertaking all of this. You practice law when?


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