Monday, November 05, 2007

This is precisely why I haven't really blogged about the house buying situation...

Because guess what? It's fine! Oh it's all fine. It was just another sheer moment of panic followed by a legitmate explanation. One of hundreds, and no one needed to read about my daily panic attacks. My lenders knew it was a mistake, and there was actually a reason for it, but I won't go into the zany details. Short story: we're good to go. I still had a few more forms to turn in today, if a "few" means around 50, literally, but I got 'em all signed and to the lender.

I actually had a very exciting moment today: I got to show off the house for the first time! Kristy was still in town for her conference, and she wanted to go see the place that's made be go through such craziness, so we met at the Columbia Heights metro, walked down to the house (for my first time at night) with a little flashlight, since there's only one working bulb in the place; I put in the little realtor's code, and voila! She was so excited about it, it just made me happy. In fact she was probably the perfect person to show, because we always joked she should start an "idea" store, since she's always had these great visions of some fantastic invention, some thing the People need (though perhaps not always the follow through), and it was awesome hearing her say what great bones the house had and how great it was going to look when it was all put together. And it will! I'm pumped. So far I'm still on track to close this week. I want to buy a bottle of champagne, but not yet, not yet my friends!

Afterwards, we tried out that new wine bar next to Solly's, Vinoteca. Pretty good, and it was definitely hopping like crazy for a Monday night, in fact, a band was setting up as we were leaving around 10pm. They definitely have some kinks to work out, as we waited a very long time for our wine, since they ran out of glasses, but it seems like a really cute place to go for a little classy night out. The menu had lots of cheeses you can order mix-and-match to make your own plate, along with some meats, delicious soups and other tasty items. Of course, we're super classy and had just come from Ben's, so we didn't actually eat anything. Liquid cheese from a tub is good enough for us.


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