Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I had a morning from hell, or at least the business end of some kind of karmic retribution. After a nightmarish -- but typical -- time at an offsite location in Bethesda for work, I then waited an hour and a half for a cab that never came. I finally called Nick, who I knew was making deliveries and would probably be in the area, and he generously offered to pick me up and drive me to my office before I even had the chance to ask. Apparently bringing my karma with me, his antifreeze tube burst in the parking lot where I was waiting, and we spent the next hour and a half at the mechanics, heh.

Finally, we were on the road and flying down the GW Parkway, chatting about whatever.

Me: "So, I've always wished I could do ... some sort of trade. You know, make something...[empty hand gesture]...with my hands."
Nick: "Oh yeah?"
Me: "Yeah, or something. You know...[wild hand gesture]...CREATE something. See it made."
Nick: [sidelong glance] "Uh huh...?"
Me: "Yeah."
Nick: "..."
Me: "..."
Nick: "..."
Me: "I hate my job."
Nick: "Yeah, I thought that was going somewhere."


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