Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"I've made more bad decisions at three in the morning than I can list."

I've loved Project Runway since the very first commercial appeared with the taunting Heidi Klum being rushed by 12 strange looking people wielding sewing needles. It's going to be the one thing I really miss once the cable's must be online somewhere, right? Also, is it just me, or has Tim's vocal affectations gotten noticeably stronger this season? I fear his fame explosion is making him turn into a caricature of himself. It's okay, Tim, you're still my boy.

I got an email from my mother today regarding my last post that said, "I don't know where I went wrong in raising you that I didn't pass on the knowledge of rain checks. I'm sorry." I don't know, this is kind of a startling, unfortunate admission, Mom. Next thing you know I'm going to find out I was supposed to have been playing well with others all this time or that the birds and the bees make little bird/bee hybrid babies n'stuff.

In the "Weird Things I See On U Street" category, we have two entries this week.

1) I saw one guy kick another guy in the face. I'm talking straight up Van Damme ultimate fighter round house to the noggin. Apparently it was over a bag of take-out Chinese. Cause if there's anything that puts me in a disfiguring mood, it's some moo shoo gai pan from Yum's.

2) Last Thursday I was walking home with my iPod on when I saw a police car pass from behind me going lights and sirens. Then another. Then another and another. I thought, oh jesus, someone got shot. Then another passed. Then a police van, and another van. Then another car. I turn around and literally, literally there was a motorcade of lights and sirens as far as I could see down U Street. There were no black sedans, so it wasn't a presidential parade, so I squinted to see what was in all the vans...and they were filled with big dudes in orange jumpsuits. They were transporting an entire fucking prison. Down U Street! I lost count around 30 cars and vans, so it was at least a few hundred prisoners. Where were they taking them?! And why? And during rush hour? So weird.


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