Sunday, December 30, 2007

So. Funny story.

This morning we started bright and early. Earlier this week I was worried I only had one guy coming over to help, which would have just taken forever, so I canvassed the population and ended up with one, then two, then four more guys to come help! Even poor fractured rib Nick, who was going to watch the truck lest the cops hassle me like last week. So I figured hey, at least we'll get it done lightning fast.

Everyone arrives and we get to disassembling a few things and fill up the first load. We piled in the truck, carrying some of my day laborers in the truckbed, and get to the house. I open the door and walk in and think....boy, those white paint sheets I put down to protect my floor sure seem transparent.

Remember when I said, "The water is on!"? Remember when I said, "I bet I haven't even found half of the problems with this house yet"? Remember when I said, "Installing toilets is totally easy, I'm not paying a plumber to do it"?

Oh, like you didn't know this was going to happen.

Right. Due partly to my inexperience and even more so to the idiot former owner's tiling techniques, the toilet had a leak between the tank and the bowl. When I turned on the water Friday it dripped, dripped, dripped down to the bathroom floor, down through the first floor ceiling, ruining the sheetrock, and dripped, dripped, dripped down to my brand new floors, seeping across the room through the paper sheets I put down, and trapping it against my new white oak floors. Sigh.

I have to thank my good friends, who hauled my couch back to the apartment and then went to home depot with me to pick up a shop-vac and tarps, and back to the house to suck up all the water. I salvaged what I could from the stuff I brought over last week that all sat in the water for two days, though luckily I only lost a few non-important books and some office supplies. Thank god I put all my old dusty books in plastic bags.

I called my flooring guys for advice, and they said we were doing the right thing with the shop-vac, and to keep the heat on so it's at least room temperature inside, because the cold will totally ruin the wood. They'll plump up and get ugly for awhile, but then 90% of it will go back to normal in about two months. That's going to be a fun couple of heating bills.

In all, I think I'm handling this pretty well, which I only mention because I think my friends kept waiting for me to totally lose it. Q kept patting me on the shoulder and giving me the "are you sure you're okay" look, like he thought I was going to burst out crying. First of all, I'm not a cryer, and second, I'm so past the point of getting riled up about this stuff. It's just another obstacle, and above all else, I'm actually most annoyed about having to wait another week to move in, and that I dragged all these poor guys here this morning, only to do it all again next week. Plus all my shit is packed up, so I think I was actually even more annoyed about spending 30 minutes finding clothes after my shower and another 30 to re-hook up my archaic tv/vcr/cd/cablebox/rf modulator system so I'd have something to do for the next week.

Man, I hope I didn't really fuck up those floors.


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