Thursday, December 27, 2007

This is really going to speed up that cell phone brain cancer

I've had my damn phone pressed to my ear almost all day today. Of course if I learned how to use the speakerphone on my Razr it would probably help out quite a bit. Most of it was spent on hold waiting for either Verizon DSL to get their shit together or, an hour later, Comcast High Speed Internet to process my order.

I had some contractors at the house today blowing in some insulation in the attic, who called me around 9:30am saying they smelled gas coming from the heating unit on the roof. Sigh. So then I was on the phone with the heating guys for awhile.

And since I don't have any work I can even pretend to do at the office and am pretty much forced to take vacation time since I can't bill, I decided I was at least going to spend my precious "vacation" in front of my tv and fireplace, and not at my desk waiting for someone, anyone to call me back with a task to do. I did have one small thing to talk about with someone, but for some reason whenever he called me it would go straight to voicemail, and whenever I called him he was away from his desk, so we played phone tag for about 6 hours before we finally caught up with each other, and he assigned me a memo that would take about 10 minutes to write, asking, "So you think you can get that to the partner by early next week?" Sigh. Yeah. If I work super duper hard this time.

In other news, I had my very first photo make it on Flickr Explore! Very exciting. Compared to gas leaks anyway.


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