Thursday, December 06, 2007


8:30am -- Overslept
9:20am -- Grab yesterdays' mail as I leave for work. Find jury summons.
9:22am -- Walk to the end of block, wimp out and decide to metro to work rather than brave the icy sidewalks no one has salted.
9:35am -- Encounter clusterfuck on red line. Suddenly remember why I bought those snow boots last year.
9:50am -- Enter office, lock door so I can strip off sexy long johns I didn't need, unlock door and instantly face senior associate who Needs Assistance Now.
10:30am -- Finish training grandpa senior associate on database program. Enter office, phone rings with senior associate for follow up question.
10:30-3pm -- Start and stop and start and stop arts agenda.
10:30-3pm -- Accept and make 10 phone calls to heating contractor and iron gate contractor to negotiate logistics from hell. Authorize heating contractor to play my boyfriend so Washington Gas stops screwing with me for Fun and Profit.
4:00pm -- Answer phone. Boss begins, "Did you buy that plane ticket for Christmas? Right. Great. Let's hold off on that."
4:02pm -- Second line rings. Click over to find heating contractor, "So...don't come to the house for a few hours. You have a gas leak."
5:35pm -- Really excited about this week's Thursday firm happy hour because it's Indian Food. "Indian food" contains undigestable spices not known to humankind.
8:00pm -- Read aloud prayer for Day 1 of Hanukkah, naturally, in front of a group of strangers at a casual holiday party thrown by a friend of my date, a party which they also sometimes call, "Festival of the Baby Carrots."
8:02pm -- Have another beer.
8:15pm -- Then another.
10:20pm -- Discover Spike is guest starring on Without a Trace.
10:21pm -- Decide the apocalypse is nigh.
10:21:30pm -- Have another beer.


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