Saturday, March 10, 2007


Full update later, as I'm tired as hell. Estimate: 500-600 people. So good I can't process. Sold lots of photos. Met tons of awesome people. Had all my friends come out to enjoy the show. Tried to celebrate afterwards, but four hours standing in heels and greeting 100 people and making business deals = very, very, omg tired.

But...what am I going to do with myself tomorrow??

Friday, March 09, 2007

Holy shit.

I just got offered a permanent position at my firm! Best. day. evar.

You know what that means - you have to come to DCist Exposed tonight and buy me a beer.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Let's do this thing.

Tomorrow it all comes together: DCist Exposed at Warehouse at 6:30 p.m. Be there.

You're not going to believe this, but I'm still at the office. It's ten to midnight. Sigh. I'm only sticking around a few minutes longer because Sylvie is down the street and about to leave in 15, so we're going to hitch a ride together. Also, my boss wants me here at 7:45am for a meeting, since I'm leaving early. Yeesh. So much for getting any sleep tonight! Good thing my adreneline will be at High Alert Levels for the next 24 hours.

On to more exciting things. DCist Exposed is all over the mothereffing place. I hope it's a huge turnout. I took a long lunch today and went to Warehouse to hang the photos, which turned out to be kind of insane. The second floor was just jampacked with photos, and it was really taking away from the show, so after about an hour of moving things around, finding photos that looked good together, we decided to go up a floor. So now we've got two full floors of photos. I've still got tons of work to do, like stick the title cards up, make a one sheet, and gather my office supplies and legal documents for sales. I think it'll go smoothly though, I didn't leave too much til the last day, and I'll have about six hours before the show starts to smooth out any kinks. Want some previews??

Photos, pre-hanging:
Pre-hanging for DCist Exposed

It was like Christmas! I totally got to stand there in the middle of the gallery and unwrap them all like shiny new presents.
christmas comes early

I was gonna give you all an ultra secret sneak peak, but I just can't do it. You'll just have to see it for yourself. Come join us tonight, and let me know if you want to buy one of these amazing things - they're rising stars and you'll be getting a serious bargain.

This whole thing, while it may have been a lot of work, has been such a blast to put together. Partly just because I love running projects, but I'm still having a hard time believe we're throwing a gallery show tomorrow. And I've actually cultivated some nice online relationships with the photographers through this process. I sent out my last email to the group tonight, with everything they'd need to know for Friday, and I've gotten back some responses that just thawed my frozen little heart. Like, "...thanks for all of the hard work that you put into making this show happen. It's given us all a lot to be proud of and generated a lot of energy in the local art scene. I hope I can be a part of it next year!" Aw!

Okay, I'm getting the heck out of this office. Come to the show tomorrow! Can I say it? I think I will: I love it when a plan comes together.

P.S. Hey, if these guys bring their cameras to the photoshow, you should totally have them take your picture. I mean, look!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

so tired...

You know it's getting rough when it's just over at 10pm at Solly's. We had a little Staffwise happy hour, which I thought I wouldn't be able to make it out to, but I ended up catching them and swilled a few cheap beers, washed down with a falafel from the g spot (they totally deliver to solly's! except, only in theory, since we got starved and eventually David had to go get it). Apparently I hadn't been sly enough walking in with my bags. Just one beer back, during some booooring conversation about soccer or whatever was on the tv, I was like, "So, you guys wanna see this??" David's like, "Yeah yeah, you're all proud of those Kinkos bags. What did you get?" What did I get! Check it:

Exposed title cards

Title cards, baby. And I cut every single one of those by hand on this awesome paper cutter machine that's way more high class than the old "at least one kid in your class cut his thumb off" chopper kind. The posters have the show description on them, but I like how you can make out the shadow of "Exposed" on them there.

We hang the show tomorrow! Holy christ, I'm tired. Off to bed.

git 'em while they're hott

Now that I've already totally undermined my own entertainment quest by telling folks about this over IM, I feel compelled to note to the rest of you, since I'm the only one still sitting at work monitoring the DCist comments, that the Dismemberment Plan tickets for the Friday show are now, very slyly, on sale. Run the like the wind!

David's going to be very upset with me.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

NBC, Cosmo, you're dead to me.

  • A six week hiatus of Heroes? Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry NBC. I'M SORRY I TAKE IT ALL BACK. Whatever I did to deserve this cruel fate.

  • During a Spiderman 3 preview in the middle of Heroes last night, my roommate walked in the living room, saw the tv and said, "Oh gross!" Um, what? Craigslist, what have you gotten me into?

  • When, exactly, did Forever 21 become the most interesting place to shop in the mall? See, of all the things I have to do in this last week to prepare for DCist Exposed, the most important is finding an outfit to wear Friday, obvs, and since I had to head into the office anyway, I figured I'd swing by Pentagon City on Sunday to see if I could find a cute dress or funky top to wear. Oh ho, not at the mall, my friend. Aside from being terribly boring, the fashion industry seems to be headed on some downward spiral into my worst nightmare. Long gone are the hey-days of the early aughts, when flare legged pants were plentiful and fitted tops all the rage. Starting around late 2005, in some end-run to eliminate hipped girls from the human race, clothing stores filled themselves to the rafters with leggings and flowy tops, and that was only the beginning. Now we've got effing skinny pants, mini-skirts, EMPIRE WAISTS. Listen, I don't ever want children for ONE reason: I HAVE NO DESIRE TO LOOK PREGNANT. (Not really, it's because I hate kids.) But also, I work really, really hard eating lots of crap and relying solely on my metabolism to keep this figure, and I don't need effing j.crew and express and anthropologie telling me I should walk around looking pregnant when I'm not. Even the Go Fug Yourself girls have noticed this weird trend. MAKE IT STOP. I am not, nor have I ever been shaped like a 12 year old boy. Except when I was eight. Which was a very, very long time ago.

  • In other body issues news, I seem to have simultaneously dropped a pants size and gained weight in my ass. I am truly a wonder of science.

  • Last fashion note. Why would someone do this to a dress? The cut and color are awesome - this dress was totally made for me. But angel wings? C'mon guys. Do I look like some flighty, care-free hipster who can afford to spend $200 on a dress I can only get away with wearing at...I don't even know where. [Update: I emailed them and they totally have them without the wings! woot!]

  • How do you spell fun? W-o-r-k-i-n-g-t-i-l-2-A-M-o-n-S-u-n-d-a-y. Wait. No.

  • Had a date Saturday, which is probably NSFBlog, except to say I'm not sure I could unironically date someone who thinks Madhatter is a dive bar. Also, have I now officially dated everyone in this town who seriously studied physics in college? How many of you could there possibly be? I'm starting to see it as a bad, bad, omen.

  • I know I've been abandoning the narrative for these bullet point posts, but I think that actually gives a better indication of what my everyday, totally scattered, pulled in 1000 different directions life has been like lately. So, blog-imitates-life, you see.

  • My tonsils have been swollen since Saturday. Because you know what I really have time for this week? A tonsillectomy. They seem to be doing better though, as long as I keep knocking on this wood.

  • More love! Fishbowl. Gallery Place Living.

  • Sunday, March 04, 2007

    Mad Write-Ups

    Teh awesomeness:

    Washington Post City Guide
    Going Out Gurus

    AOL City Guide: Frontpage listing & actual write-up

    If you guys see anything else written up, send me a link! Also, I'm pretty sure the Post write-up is only online, but if you see it in the paper copy, will you send it my way? I can't seem find a copy to save my life.

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