Friday, March 16, 2007

In the kitchen, greasin' yr panz

Although I like to pretend my trips home involve days lounging on the beach, cavorting with shirtless boys and drinking lots of Irish whiskey, it usually involves me organizing whatever cabinet/closet/pantry my mom feels is getting messy, acting as sous chef for whatever holiday meal and/or cooking marathon is going on (just made some Irish bread), and checking my email over and over since the computer is in the living room and I can't seem to unplug to save my life.

Contrary to all that, we just got back from a delicious meal of fish and chips from our favorite little shack in Port Hueneme. It's right on the beach and they have picnic tables made from cinder blocks cemented together, a fire pit for evening parties, and glass wind guards so you can see the beach around you without getting your hair in the tartar sauce. I'm pleased. And full.

So, as I was trying to run out of the office yesterday, running a little late for my plane, I was handed my official offer letter and managed to piss off one of the partners in the span of ten minutes. We're off to a good start.

The Dismemberment Plan had me at "And as I would walk down K Street to some temping job / As winter froze the life out of fall / Yeah, I must've been having a ball." I listened to Emergency & I on repeat on the plane ride over and, really, as soon as the first twenty seconds of the first song played I was like, "I'm going to love these guys." New fan! I know, aren't I just totally adorable.

To all my friends who listened patiently to my total disdain for James Bond every time you insisted on telling me that Casino Royale was actually a pretty good movie: You were right, I was wrong. When I wasn't listening to DPlan, I was watching this on the plane, and I was pleasantly surprised by the relative lack of gratuitous female T&A and overabundance of shirtless hott men. Daniel Craig, seeing him in pictures, etc, never really struck me as a very attractive (for hollywood) man, but I take back my inadequate initial reactions. Also, the action was pretty killer, even though there wasn't enough in the second half of the movie. It was almost like Batman, but with fewer silly costumes and more, um, hottness. Did I mention he's gorgeous?

On the other hand: The Lake House? Not so much.

My mom just handed me some contract so I could explain one paragraph to her. It had to do with some tax code, so I googled it and started explaining the whole thing while she read over my shoulder. After I went through ten minutes of description for the introductory paragraphs, she silent pointed down the page at the one, single detail she needed, in bold. Listen people, the only thing that makes this 100K waste of an education bearable is me forcing the rest of you to listen to me explain nonsense. Smile and nod while I pretend to look smart. It's all I ask.

WOO. Jason just IMd me to tell me Electric Six is playing BC at the end of March. Tickets: PURCHASED.

Also: Danielle brought me a copy of last weekend's Sunday Source. Yay!

In California

I'll find some time to write later, gots lots of comments, mostly about the movie they played on the airplane. So, scintillating stuff. I'm just glad I got off the east before they grounded the commercial fleet. I'm off to get some fish and chips on the beach. In my tank top. Don't hate.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Back to Business

At least, that's what I keep telling myself. I let so many things slide while I was prepping for Exposed, I've just got a big pile of mess waiting for me to deal with it. I need to go to Rite Aid SO BAD. Every morning I get ready for work and curse myself again for not going as I'm scraping the bottom of the bottles of every toiletry I have. My dresser is completely empty because I've worn everything and thrown it on the couch in my room. I did laundry two weeks ago, but never bothered to put it away, so every morning I grab some underwear and socks out of the basket, then throw the old ones on the floor next to it in my closet. Classy. I have food to eat, but nothing perishable, which means my trip to the salad bar for lunch today included the first vegetables I've eaten in...forever.

Oh man, I had to finally deal with this no-heat situation with my landlords with regard to the rent, and its really hard to negotiate a rent reduction without being kind of a bitch about what's going on, but I really like my landlords and am trying to keep good-will with them, which I think I managed to do. Oh, I have to pay my taxes! Maybe I'll bring my W-2s and do it on the plane on my way to Cali on Thursday. That's the other thing, I scheduled up every single evening this week, so I'm not really sure how any of this is going to get done. But, screw it, I'm going to enjoy my five days in the sun and consider that my vacation after Exposed, and deal with this stuff when I get back.

Speaking of Exposed, I've already put a couple of write-ups on the site, so I won't go into too much more detail here, except to say I'm still having trouble processing how well that went. I mean, I expected snags, but the whole thing came off with nary a hitch. The Post write-up was key, and brought tons of people down who'd never even heard of DCist before. And the emails I've gotten! Wow. Talk about community spirit. I've really learned so much through this whole process - it was a big project to keep organized, though, really, most of my time was spent updating spreadsheets and answering emails, heh. But hey, now I can sort of say I directed a gallery show, eh? How about some pictures:

Packed House
Mission statement
DCist Exposed!
Post-hanging, pre-show

You can see the rest of the set here (and all the others from the show, which I obsessively went through Flickr and "faved" here).

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