Saturday, March 24, 2007

Facebook makes me sad

In the last week I've watched like three people change their status from "in a relationship" to "single." Isn't that really kind of terribly, publicly sad or something? With the little broken heart icon next to it?

Also, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with Facebook now that I've added all the friends I have with accounts. Tinker with my profile? Search relentlessly through "groups" to find a cutely, ironicly named one to join? Wait until I'm finally dating someone so I can announce it by proclaiming my new status to you Facebookers through your news feeds? I guess I need to do some homework.

Shoe blogging

Check out my new jellys:
New shoes
I went down to Unsung Designers today. Remember the dress I wanted? Grace from Unsung told me the designer could send me the version without wings, so I finally ordered it last weekend and got it on Wednesday. However, I put it on and whoa was it short. On the model it goes down to her knees, but it was a full six inches shorter than that on me (I measured). I sat down and my bare ass was on the chair, so I had to return it. Luckily, Grace is totally accommodating, said she was sorry for the mix-up and I could swing by their store in AM to return it, rather than shipping it back. When I brought it in to the store she looked at it and said "Oh my god, that's like an ice skating outfit!" Haha. So, it wasn't just me. Turns out the designer actually makes different versions of the dress. She's going to let me know when the new line comes in so I can get a longer one. I was also there to meet Rachel and do a little fashion thing with the store, so you can look forward to that later, but in the hour and a half we were hanging around the store I fell in love with (well, a lot of things) these cute little jellys. They're terribly comfortable and affordable and, believe it or not, smell like fruit. We'll see how long that lasts.

Also, I finally made it to Amsterdam falafel! I know, I've been in DC for what, five years now? I'm already addicted, though I want to try M'Dawg next, even though I've only heard so-so reviews of it. How bad can you really screw up a hot dog anyway? I think I'll also be spending some more quality time at Unsung in the future, I love their website, but their stuff looks so much better in person. Now if only I could afford to drop $350 on a pair of heels...

Friday, March 23, 2007

We are one fucking paranoid country.

In CNN's story about the pet food poisoning:
Scientists at the New York State Animal Health Diagnostic Center at Cornell University and at the New York State Food Laboratory tested three cat food samples provided by the manufacturer and found aminopterin in two of them. The two labs are part of a network created after the September 11 terrorist attacks to keep the nation's animals and food supply safe.
Emphasis mine.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I exist!

Oh yes I do. After over a year walking through the halls of my office building, saying hello to the handful of people I've worked with and a few other randoms, arriving and leaving with few people noticing, sometimes not even realizing I was contracted with one of the biggest firms in the world instead of my own private little hallway. And I'll say that I certainly played a big part in that isolation. If there's anything you learn when you're temping, it's that even after a year, it can end like that. So why make friends? Hang things on the walls? Leave anything except a coffee mug in your office?

Then I got hired. My first day corresponded with the every-other-month luncheon for the pretty large practice group I work for. Suddenly I'm being introduced in front of huge groups of people, getting my picture taken in order to spam the entire DC office with it, and that's just the beginning.

I like, get things now. None of this sitting in an office with year-old paint - paint the walls! That phone - "it's so terrible! how long have you had that?? we'll have a new one for you tomorrow!" The empty nameplate I stuck a post-it on with my name because no one could find my office - holy crap! MUST HAVE ENGRAVED NAMEPLATE. How can I do my job without an engraved nameplate? How have I survived this long not having my carpets cleaned every month! Also PLEASE TAKE THIS FREE BACKPACK HEATHER. Free gift with job.

People are stopping by my door to say hello. I went on the first happy hour ever with people I, you know, work in the same building with. I have three HUGE binders to read about firm polices and benefits, the deliveries of which have been prefaced with, "you've been here awhile so you've probably learned all this by now." I'm being moved off cases because over the weekend I suddenly became overeducated for the work. It's SO WEIRD.

Don't get me wrong, it's all great and I'm happy, on the other hand it's so hard not to think, "Who was I last week? Last year? Suddenly I'm deserving of all this? Was I chopped liver last Friday?" You know, like I won the lotto and now everyone wants to be my friend.

Oh, and I'm totally playing on the firm softball team this summer. I just ordered my jersey today.

Unrelated: I realize that I have the most characterless face in the world, which is why people tell me ALL the time that I look like someone they know, but this one hit a new level of what? I was at 14U yesterday and one of the guys working there racked his brain while I was waiting for my coffee. "You know, that singer? She won some grammys? MARIAH CAREY! That's it."

now he screenprints american tshirts through the night

  • Petey came back to town this week, and Joy and I made it to the second show tonight, after she got really sick on Tuesday, but found some people to trade nights with us. I didn't even realize he'd added a second show, but he must have later after the first one sold out, lucky for us. Smartly, I decided not to drink so damn much this time, and managed to not be in the bathroom when he played the ONE song I needed to hear. I know all my indie rocker friends poo-poo poor old Pete, but I love him dearly. His albums are 80% of my India adventure soundtrack, and I listened to Long Way Down about a million times during those long car rides (he introduced the song as "my favorite love song," to which I exclaimed "me too!"). He's the perfect cynical romantic, which I can fully get behind. The funniest part of the evening was waiting in between acts, a boy in front of us turned around and joined our conversation when we started talking about the smoking ban, and how it was our first time at 930 since it was enacted. He asked us where we went to school, and Joy and I looked at each other and laughed, which turned into some awkwardly terrible guessing game at how old we were, as we kept saying, "no, older. no, older." Then his friend, who later seemed to be having some kind of terrible seizure during the show, butted in and said, "old like my aunt?" Yes, sweetheart, old like your aunt. Twenty minutes later, however, I managed to convince the first boy not to go to law school, so, my good deed is done for the day.

  • You might raise an eyebrow when I tell you I flew all the way to California to go to an anti-war march, but I did. Well, okay, not really, but my mom helps run the Veterans for Peace chapter at home and they coordinated with some other organizations to hold a protest on March 17, so my mother volunteered me and my grandmother to man the table, to sell buttons and collection donations, while she went on the march. It was kind of awkward, because people would come up to the table and say incredibly sincere things like, "Thank you so much for doing this" (as in, Vets having the balls to protest the war). I'm like, my mom made me do it. But there I am, sitting at the Vets table, so my grandma and I would uncomfortably say, "Oh sure, you know, you're welcome." My mom's really getting into this VfP stuff, in fact she just won them a huge grant by giving this presentation for them, so, well done Mom!

  • My damn roommate's cat just broke a photo that was on my desk. Grr. Must tell self, at least it doesn't eat people, at least it doesn't eat people.

  • I met with Rachel today to discuss her fashion column, and advised her, among many other things, that one secret to longevity in writing for high traffic sites like DCist is to adopt a sort of "Fuck You, I'll Write What I Want" attitude, because your writing tends to come out more naturally and confident, when you rid yourself of the fear of what commenters will say. She laughed and said, "oh yeah, I know, I posted a picture of this pregnant woman today and said to myself, 'fuck you guys! I know you assholes are going to come out of the woodwork for this photo, but I'm posting it anyway!" Then I come home and click a link through my sitemeter referral log: Rachel, ha, you totally called that.

  • My job has gotten weird. Really. But I'm going to save that for a post of its own. Short story: I think I might have been invisible for the last 14 months. Was I? Be honest.

  • By the way, if you're wondering how my grandpa is doing, since that's the reason why I went home, he's doing just fine. Isn't he great? He's rocking the Irish green there, with my mother. He did ask me three times in the span of five minutes, while showing him my pictures of India on Flickr, how I got the pictures from the "film" onto the computer, but the slow onset of his Alzheimer's has been, thankfully, very slow, so a little patience goes a long way. But my poor grandmother, I think it drives her a little crazy.

  • Wednesday, March 21, 2007

    my corset aches as i tremble in anticipation, or something

    Regular TTtC readers will no doubt know Ms. Sandra Schwab, romance novel writer extraordinaire and occasional commenter on this blog. For those of you who don't, start with this post I wrote for DCist back in October, Sandra's response, my reply, and you'll just have to take my word that the subsequent emailing back and forth eventually resulted in a surprisingly enjoyable blog friendship. Ah, the internets.

    When we reached our amicable stage, Sandra offered to mail me a copy of her new book when it came out in the spring. I told her that, of course, I couldn't review it for DCist, but I'd be happy - thrilled even - to write a review of her romance novel on good old Two-Timing here, but that she has to know I'll probably make fun of her in the process. The deal was sealed, and behold:

    For my review

    You guys - there's a big bad wolf AND a deck of erotic playing cards! Await my review with baited breath, y'all. (Note to Sandra: I have about 50 pages to finish in my current book, so I'll probably start it next weekend. And thanks!)

    Monday, March 19, 2007

    It's a little weird... many people google "ode to my pen" on a daily basis. Though probably no weirder than me actually writing one.

    Sunday, March 18, 2007


    Here I am, blogging in the living room. It's really gray and a little chilly outside, and my mom and her friend are cooking salmon tacos in the kitchen, none of which I get to eat (but I am the official "is there too much mayonnaise in this" tester), and I IM'd David but he's been talking about basketball for the last ten minutes without pausing, so, here I am, blogging. I kind of messed up my plane ride back to DC - I booked it for 11:30am, which seemed reasonable, except I forgot I'll have to be there at around 10am, which means I'd have to leave at 9am, but that's rush hour, so really, I need to allow an extra two hours for the bumper to bumper traffic. So I have to get up at 6am, and won't touch down in DC until 10:30pm. Home? Almost midnight. So goes Monday.

    Oh well! A co-worker emailed me yesterday to say there's a big spiel on the firm's intranet about me and my background and how I was just hired. Yay. I celebrated, not by blogging, but by buying the dress I blogged about, without the wings. The non-wing kind comes in teal blue. And secondly, I blew the rest of my celebration money on a 20" version of this print, which was in DCist Exposed, but I wanted a bigger one. I already have the wall picked out.

    The rest of my money will be going towards, apparently, health insurance, life insurance, AD&D insurance, vision & dental insurance, retirement investment plans, and whatever the hell else was in that huge, incomprehensible benefits package I just read. They also want me to apply for a new credit card. Not cool. And I lose all the vacation time I just earned by working 2000 hours for my temp agency. But! Still, I have a real job. Arish emailed me yesterday to say "you pretty much went against all the 'conventional wisdom' that has been pushed on us since the day we walked through the doors of wcl. awesome!" I'm not sure if that's true or not, or at least, whether it was intentional or not, but well, whatever. It all seems to be a crap shoot anyway. They need to put that in the law school brochures.

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