Saturday, April 07, 2007


Ugh. That was a little more wine and vodka than my body needed. And I managed to leave my checkcard at Ben's of all places. At least, I think so, I got some money from the ATM while we were waiting in line, but it's the kind you swipe your card through, so I'm really not sure what I did with it, but the boys at Ben's say they don't have it and nothing's been charged, so I'm wondering if it just fell out of my pocket in Steph's car.

While I was rummaging through my pockets looking for it this morning, I came across a card with a dude's number on it, but for a second I couldn't remember who I'd gotten it from, so I IM'd Steph who reminded me it was from the guy sitting at the table next to us at Ben's, saying, "He was the hipster guy. He looked like he was in a band." HA. Ah, my preppy friends. She's a little bit like your mom, right? He looked like he was in a band. According to his card, he's actually an architect. Well alright, he probably is in a band.

Speaking of which, I kinda want to start an anonymous dating blog. I've racked up so many stories over the past few months, but, you know, I really can't post any of them in the age of google. (And the number of people who google my name every day is just weird. Partly because I'm pretty sure half the time it's the same couple of people doing it over and over every day.) And now with Sylvie giving up dating for Lent and subsequently finding she actually enjoyed that lifestyle more than the three dates a week she used to schedule, we need some good stories to fill the void. You know, it is kind of suspicious that as soon as Sylvie cut off the boys, all the rest of us suddenly started getting dates. She was hogging them all, obvs.

Friday, April 06, 2007


I had a very "i donwanna do shit" day at work today, so I headed out of there all of half an hour early (knowing full well I'll be in at 9 tomorrow), and walked up 16th so I could grab some cheese and wine on my way home. My roommate's out to her bfs concert, so I put in the last of my Bollywood movies from that last shopping day in India. DHOOM. This is the Fast and the Furious done Indian-style, and it has a song that recurs in the second movie that was out in theaters while I was there, so it was playing in every store I went into. (DHOOM. machale. DHOOM. machale.) Ha, you know what I'm talking about. I had that on my IM tonight and got enough responses to it. Except now I've got subtitles and it seemingly translates to (and this often isn't accurate) "Pump up the rock." Haha. That couldn't be more "America: I Love Your 80's Style" that India seems to love.

Anyway, it's AWESOME, and I've kind of never wanted to simultaneously buy a pair of hot stilettos and combat boots at the same time, but, now. Also, it kind of made me want to stop eating for a little, geez, but we all know that won't happen, heh. So now I've been watching the music video in the credits on repeat for the last half an hour while I coordinate my plans. It's a little bit like Indian porno, or the closest it gets to such a thing. There's even a little bondage! Sort of. And mud wrestling! A little. Anyway. I guess I'm obligated to go dancing now that I'm all ready from watching three hours of this.

Yesterday I threw away some pennies, and then felt guilty.

True story.

So anyway, I think someone is trying to tell me something. I don't usually brush out my hair after it's dried when I wear it curly (because it's a great way to break it off), but yesterday it was so effing windy it was just in knots, so I slowly took a comb through it. Holy massive frizz! I actually took a picture it was so hilarious, but decided not to post it because I'm afraid it would still be coming up on google image searches for "crazed lioness" ten years down the road.

Then today I got a phone call from a number not in my contacts. I didn't pick it up and they didn't leave a voicemail, but something made me want to google it. It was totally the appointment line at Andre Chreky. I've never even been there!! Alright, Hair Gods! I know it's been five months since my last confession (last time your minions cut off FOUR inches for a trim, did you expect me to come running back?); I will make an appointment tomorrow!

I had some weird dreams last night. In one I was Elizabeth Corday from ER (naturally) and it was time for me to go back to London. To do this I boarded a small ship and watched the Statue of Liberty as it passed. Yeah. ER takes place in Chicago, so, whatever. I'm all forlorn because, as you know, Corday only went back to England after Baldy McGreene died on the beach (why do I remember all this? I hardly watched this show). Eventually we're out at sea and I go down to my bunk, close the door and suddenly this cat jumps out from under the bed. It looks exactly like Chelsea, my roommate's (in real life) cat, except about half the size (Chelsea, my dear, you are a fat cat). I'm kind of like, "well, that's weird," when suddenly more appear. Four in all. They're wandering around my bunk, against my legs, and meowing like the fucking apocalypse is bearing down on us (just like Chelsea does in real life). And I'm very confused as to where the hell all these things came from. I guess the ER thing is over, because I call my roommate from my phone and say, "Hey, what's up with these cats?" She says, "Oh yeah, Chelsea had kittens. I put them in your luggage. I'm so sorry, I meant to tell you. You don't mind do you." "Hey, I was trying to get away from all this, but I guess there's not a whole lot I can do now, is there?" So I'm stuck with the cats. Of course, this makes a whole lot more sense when you know that on Wednesday late afternoon I'm sitting in our living room and her boyfriend walks in the door by himself - with a housekey. Wherein I immediately go all "Oh HELL no I'm not doing this boyfriend-lives-for-free shit again" and ask whyfor the boyfriend has a housekey without my knowledge and how long he plans on ahem staying. Apparently (some excuse blah blah) he needs to stay for a few days and for some reason she forgot over the course of an entire day to, you know, shoot me an email. Thus, the cat dream, I guess.

There was also another less contentious dream, but it's long gone now. What a gloomy, cold Friday. I'm tempted to get out of here early and go snuggle in bed for the rest of the evening (with a book).

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The garden blogging begins

Herb garden starters

Yay! I planted my herb starters last week, but because the weatherman said it was going to storm real bad I decided to bring them inside for a few days, figuring they're probably still a little too young and precious to be left to Mother Nature's wrath so soon. When we were at Home Depot the basil plants were atrocious, all wilted over, and Sylvie and I were discussing if we should buy one anyway. She did and has successfully, more or less, nursed it back to life, but while we were contemplating a woman came by and said, "Don't do it! Basil does not grow in this town, serioiusly, I've tried over and over and they NEVER stay alive or grow bigger than a toothpick." If Sylvie and I were cartoons, a thought bubble would have appeared between us as we looked at each other and remembered the basil plant that nearly devoured my yard last year. (In that photo it's about, oh, a third the size it eventually became by the end of the summer.) I still have homemade pesto in my freezer from last year's take. Mmmm....pesto. Nevertheless, I decided to wait until I have a bigger pot to plant it in.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Blog Post of Split Attentions

After one too many nights out in a row, I am enjoying a do-nothing night, starting with a little much-needed cleaning and then some reading in bed. I finally finished An Elegant Universe, having been stuck on the last twenty pages for about a decade now. If you're a big nerd like me and read a lot of books about cosmology, you'll probably be bored by the first third, which is essentially the same "George & Gracie pass each other at different speeds in space but their watches read different times - how can this be?!" story you've heard a thousand times. I wanted to skip a lot, but feared (and was correct) that he refers back these again and again, so it's helpful to get used to the names and stories he's using.

But what annoyed me more than that was when his analogies actually became more difficult to picture than the physical thing he was trying to describe. At one point he was talking about inflation theory - that due to the types and amounts of matter currently existing in the universe, it makes sense that at a certain point just after the Big Bang the universe expanded extremely rapidly, giving the then existing matter the appropriate time to do what it needed to do so that it exists how it is today. So he starts analogizing it to a film - imagine the film stopping and going back a few seconds, and then forward, and then back, but not so far! Then forward, then back, but too fast! And eventually I was just like, wtf is going on here? You're going to break your VCR doing that shit, man.

Moving on. I know there are at least four or five of you who have been reloading TTtC since Monday morning, in breathless anticipation of my 300 review (Note: As I was finishing writing this post Jason IM'd me and asked "Dude, where's the TTtC post about 300?" Ha.), but I think I'm going to have to disappoint you. I did, in fact, have a running commentary going in my head during the movie ("Fear not, Art 101 students, apparently you can ALL be famous!") but listen, the four pitchers of margaritas and two rounds of Patron shots beforehand have mostly eliminated my memory of those two long hours, probably for the better. I do remember this exchange:

Paul: The frontal nudity is cool, but it'd be nice if these girls were a little bustier, ya know?
Heather: But Paul, that would be gratuitous.

Oh, and I got shushed for yelling "Kick him in the nuts!" a little too loudly at one point. Also, when are we going to war with Iran because I AM PUMPED UP AND READY!

About Ted Leo. I don't know guys. I tried listening to an album at work today and made it about four songs in before I just got irritated and moved to a new playlist. Granted, I've been a little stressed at work recently, so I won't move him to my New Pornographers/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah playlist of banishment quite yet.

In addition to fun things like putting away my laundry, I also hung some art today. When I first told Sylvie I was going to buy this photo, she said, "I don't know... it's so lonely. Don't you find it depressing?" Not even a little, I said. About a month before I left for India, someone asked me what my favorite traveling memory was. I didn't even have to think about the answer. I was in Bolivia, and we had gotten out of the Jeep in which our guide was taking us around the lagunas, and started trekking around the desert. It wasn't the amazingly beautiful scenery that got me (well okay, it did), it was the utter, total silence. The wind wasn't blowing (and doesn't very often in the Atacama - combined with the dry environment, you won't ever see a cloud), and in the starkness I couldn't even hear the people standing barely ten feet away from me. It was truly an amazing experience, and although I may be a reflective person generally, I've never appreciated the ability to exist in and enjoy a moment before that. It wasn't until I was finally distracted by the tiny movement of my friend waving animatedly at me from the bottom of the hill that I'd even realized I'd been standing there so long. Which is all to say, this is why I love this photo. And maybe also that 'loneliness' isn't a four letter word to me. (Is it really terrible that every time I hear that word I think of that voodoo commercial and crack up all over again?) And maybe a bit arrogantly, I kinda like the way she's sitting there patiently, you know, waiting for the art to come to her, ha.

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