Friday, April 13, 2007

my car is late.

Kind of awesome: Getting picked up at my door by a black luxury town car to take me to work in the morning, and walking out of my house to a British chauffeur in a jaunty cap who opens the door for me.

Kind of not: Waking up two hours before I normally go to work to do it. And totally expecting to get mugged on your way back home in the evening.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Headphone Suckage

I have the worst luck with headphones. I actually like the feel of the iPod earbuds, but they constantly break off, and I'm not going to pay $50 for shitty ass crap I have to replace every other month.


So I finally went and bought a $10 pair at Best Buy, only to discover I apparently have either very tiny or very misshapen inner ears, because they KILLED me. I couldn't wear them more than 15 minutes without having to take them out. (I developed a strategy of wearing one in one ear, then switching ears every 15 minutes. This is how I spend my workday.)


So I enlisted advice from the dcist staff, one of whom told me these headphones were great and came with different size earbuds you put on. Perfect! I ordered them off Amazon and got them right quick, but, no. First, THERE'S NO BASS. WTF. On the reviews for this pair it says "Oh, the last version sucked so bad, there was no bass, but they've fixed the problem with these!" I can only imagine that these people were so used to even WORSE bass-less headphones, that these sound great by comparison, but holy crap, talk about tin-ny. I'm starting to forget why I actually liked any of this music. Secondly, I kind of feel like I'm getting the bends if I wear them too long. Well, I've never had the bends, so that might be inaccurate, but it's certainly in the range of "inner ear infection," because these things shove SO FAR UP your ear canal you wonder if your brain is going to start leaking out. Let's put it this way, I was NOT the kid who went to the ER for sticking things up her facial orifices. So I have to overcome this sense of the total willies to put them in far enough, but if you don't, they just fall out while you're walking. Grrr.


Also, WTF is with the two different cord lengths? Is this some kind of space-age headphone technology I'm not familiar with?? (And that little thing in the middle does not slide - they're stuck that length.) I don't get it! All that happens is that the short side gets caught on the jacket button by my neck every two steps and yanks out of my ear - as if it weren't already dangling precariously out anyway! Gaaah, why must you terrorize me, headphones?!

Some other dcist-ers have advised me to get these headphones. I really don't want to spend over a hundred bucks on headphones, but I use them so much it's starting to sound worth it. Unless they don't fit my ears! Stupid ill shaped ears and shoving-things-up-my-ear-canal-fear! I'm going to have to go old school soon and just get a giant pair of these. But I think you guys know full well the kind of music I listen to doesn't justify that kind of rockage. If anyone else has headphone advice, please let me know.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

So. Full.

There might be better friends than ones who become obsessed with cooking and force you to come over for eclectic yet delicious piles of food so you can "test" them out, but I'm not sure I've met one. Yesterday I went to work and then a long visit at the hair salon (tamed the mane!) and called Sylvie on my way home.

Sylvie: "Hey, come over for dinner. I'm cooking some Vietnamese fish."
Me: "Sounds good!"
S: "And some baked ziti..."
Me: "Wow, okay."
S: "...and maybe some homemade pizza..."
Me: "...."
S: "And apple tartan for dessert. I saw it on Barefoot Contessa! You have to be my guinea pig!"

Haha. We didn't quite get to the homemade pizza, but my full, full stomach can attest to the deliciousness of the other three items. I told her I'd keep coming over as long as she doesn't start hero-worshipping Bobby Flay or Rachel Ray. Cause I totally have standards when it comes to free food, or something. She's already taken over my bbq plans for the summer, insisting we do all the entertaining at my place while she plans all the menus, and since all I want to do is sit in my backyard, drink beer, and have people cook for me all summer, I think I'm on board.

Speaking of food, I have an out of town friend in DC who's meeting me for brunch in a few minutes; of course when she told me she'd be down here, I did not put two and two together to realize it's friggin Easter, so I'm a little concerned we're either going to wait a million years for a table, or end up going to the gas station for eggs and coming back to my place. Silly holidays.

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