Friday, September 28, 2007

Stunned silence is right...

I often shake my head at myself when I see people my age doing amazing things, opening businesses, publishing books, etc....then there's this.

Double U. Tee. Eff.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Perspective: Lost

Ugh. I am having one of those weeks months. My life is so hard, guys. Dramatic sigh!

I just need a vacation, a real one. I'm tired of other people's dramas being all up in my face. And this house buying nonsense has moved firmly from exciting to excruciating. And now I'm sick. Sick! (cough) At least I got a few days off work, but now I just feel lazy. And my latest netflix movie sucked. You know what, Jarheads? War sucks, I get it. That's what you filmed two hours of? I mean, shit. Even the shirtless scenes weren't worth it since they were chock full of homoerotic gay hate. Hoo-ah!

Tomorrow's Friday and I have three days packed with activities. Dinner party, check! Book nerd fest, check! Crafty bastardness, check! And lots of camera clicking and possibly some steak eating. I'll call it a little mini-vacation.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

more teevee observations

It took me awhile to place Starbuck (with far too much lipstick) in the new Bionic Woman show (I admit I haven't watched BG last season -- hey, I got rid of the TiVo, it's hard to watch shit on Friday night)...but then the Chief? I mean what, they didn't cancel BG did they? Is it just filmed on the off-season? I hope so. Is Edward James Olmos in the new season of How I Met Your Mother. Zany!

More Heroes?

Oh yeah, #1 exciting thing this week, of course, was the premiere of Season 2 of Heroes. Sommer made a joke that I should start blogging about it (actually that I should rip on the Post's shitty recap blog), and hmmmm....should I? They won't be as good as DCeiver's 24gasm's, but it's certainly something I could, you know, talk a long, long...long time about each week. I'll think about it. What should I call it?


Finally some good news on the house buying front. Sorta. At least good in the "they finally got back to me" sense. They said they wouldn't accept the type of loan I wanted (that's such a stupid part of buying foreclosures, that *that* bank gives a shit what your mortgage is), but my realtor worked with my lender to do some adjustments and we're pretty sure we're going to come back with something they're okay with. Which at least means YAY we're officially in negotiations now!

But let's focus on events much closer in the future. There is so much to do this weekend! Who is pumped for the National Book Festival? If you said ME you'd be RIGHT. I don't know why, this goes on annually and this is the first year I've even made plans to go. But now I've got my fancy camera, my partner in nerd crime to go with, and a FREE WEEKEND. Then Sunday there's Crafty Bastards, which I've never been to either. I think I'm just pumped to start doing more things in the city. I was kind of jampacked with plans this summer, but I'd like to start going to things just to go to them, and, of course, to start practicing with my camera all the time.

Which reminds me, I've put more wedding photos up. They're not done yet, and I'm saving the whole blog post of my experience for when I've finished, but here's my progress so far. Some of them still need to be reprocessed, so if you have any advice, leave it in the comments to the photo.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wells Fargo: You Hateful Tease!

In case you were wondering, NO, I haven't heard about the house yet. I finally had to send my realtor a note that I felt the bank's listing agent was doing a piss-poor job and needed to be told as much. I get that the bank is a busy busy bureaucracy, but it's the listing agent's job to make sure the bank responds to offers. Then I heard nothing from my realtor, so I sent another note to him that it was hard enough waiting over THREE WEEKS to hear about my offer, in a process that should take a few days at most, but what I really didn't need was my realtor abandoning me, too. He responded and apologized, saying he didn't always contact me because there was simply nothing to say. (I told him I wanted to hear that anyway.)

He also said that it's time to put an ultimatum on the bank. A week ago I was hesitant to do that. I mean, I want the house, but what if the bank simply never responds? But now? Fucking forget it. They clearly need a kick in the ass or this is just gonna go on forever. So today my realtor told him I'm withdrawing the offer Tuesday night.

Today I got an email from him around 11am saying, "Stay tuned for an update this afternoon!"

The update, apparently, being that everyone is too busy to update me. Sigh.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

DCist Photographer's Meet-Up....

...wait for it.

Just be quiet and let me watch

I went to see 3:10 to Yuma last night (where I ran into poor Becks, who arrived a little late and sat face to giant face with the cowboys), which, I didn't realize it's only been out for a couple weeks. Maybe it's just because they hype up movies for eons now, but I thought it came out at least a month ago, so I was a little surprised to see the theater so packed. Anyway, it was a pretty good movie (do I disclaim: for a Western?), but as Jason noted, so say it had "plot holes" would be putting it mildly. I mean, why didn't they just shoot the fucker instead of dragging him across the country and losing tons of men in the process, hmm? Whatever, Russell Crowe and Christian Bale were both fantastic, although it took me about 2 minutes to adjust to Crowe's odd "western" accent.

Unfortunately we had some sound issues with the film, which blissfully started during the previews (love previews!), after seeing a taste of the next 3 Oscar winners, the sound tuned off as soon as some slapstick crap-ass foibles-of-dating trash comedy previewed. Thanks!

But it continued, and it wasn't so bad that the sound kept going out, it was that everybody's got a fucking joke. Jesus. Either go kick the sound guy in the arse, or shut the fuck up and let me try to read some lips, yo. Apparently some harsh words got tossed from the guy who I initially overheard trying desperately to joke, "If that sound goes off again I'm going to kill that fucking manager." No one laughed, and after the third time I only heard the end of some heated words, some girl haughtily replying, "Could you just have some respect please?" Whatever. I didn't mind watching Russell Crowe get busy with the sound turned I right, eh, eh??

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