Saturday, November 03, 2007


So the bag throwing and heavy lifting dropping down the front stairs has continued for the last few hours and expanded to include at least 3 men. Dare I say it? Is at least one of them moving out??

So here's the thing...

I've been a little busy lately. Craziness with the house has continued, and due to time constraints we had to push the closing back -- I was supposed to sign the papers last Wednesday. The type of loan I'm getting usually takes at least a month to work out, but I had, oh, about 8 or 9 days. But it does look like I've been approved for the loan semi-officially and it's really just an issue of me being patient while the red tape gets cut. We hope to close sometime next week.

I also found a flooring guy who comes highly recommended quality-wise, gave me a spectacular price, and so far is the only one who said he can salvage an entire floor worth of the original Georgia Pine. Biggest decision I hope to have to make: light or dark stain??

So let's see, what else is going on. Oh, I went out last night, during the "All Hands On Deck" weekend for the police, and it was seriously cop-olooza out there. It was almost like we were actually living in some kind of urban something-or-other. It started with two police cars going lights and sirens down my block as I walked out the door, then saw two more cars in the next two blocks, then as I walked by guys who are usually loitering outside the creepy mercado on 14th near W, thinking from afar there were a lot more than usually, I realized there were actaully about 4 cops doing a little search and seize with the dudes up against the storefront wall. As I continued down to Rhode Island, ten or 13 coppers later, I passed that one block of projects and saw a huge Escalade stopped in the middle of the side street, headlights blazing onto 14th Street and a huge gang of dudes, one of whom was yelling, "Look! I brought 300! I brought 300!" and another guy growling, "It's two thousand, bitch. You better get the rest." And suddenly I regretted leaving my kevlar at home as I passed by about 10 feet from them, staring intently at the sidewalk. Heh. Good times. It's okay, that delicious medium rare chedder burger at Dakota Cowgirl was totally worth risking my life for.

What else... Is it wrong that when my friend told me he laid down his motorcycle this weekend with a passenger, that (after I found out everyone involved was just fine) my first reaction actually was, "Wait. You finally got a spare helmet? When are you coming to pick me up??"

I've got a couple of friends visiting DC this weekend, including Kristy, who I will probably drag to some art galleries tonight, and soon-to-be-daddy Jake, who I've actually never met in person, even though I've "known" him for about three years now. Hooray blog friends!

Ugh, the boys upstairs, as if stomping on the floor like pacing gorillas 24 hours a day isn't enough, are now throwing full garbage bags down the stairs in front of my door. So far there's 6 or 7. Yeesh. I can't wait to get out of the shared building scenario.

Okay, I've got loan papers to fill out, letters to write, and netflix movies to catch up on. Maybe if y'all are lucky (lucky!) I'll update this blog again before the first snowflakes fall.

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