Sunday, January 20, 2008

In which I question the sanity of the "average american family," again.

There's a good article in the Post today about the new energy bill signed into law in December (though I haven't read enough about the law to find out where the "catch" is -- I mean, how it ever got passed under Bush). It's nice to see our lawmakers acting to reduce energy usage finally -- especially when the article is full of statements like "[X Company] has been working on this technology for awhile, but hasn't released it," in other words, they knew they'd be forced to eventually, so they developed these excellent products just in case, but electric companies kept buying shares of their stock so they'd yet to put it on shelves for the public.

Anyway, the one sentence that blew me away was the following:
According to the Energy Department's Web site, the average household does almost 400 loads of laundry a year, consuming about 13,500 gallons of water.
WTF! I mean seriously, what the fuck. Four hundred loads a year?? That's 1.1 loads A DAY ON AVERAGE.

I used to have a roommate who inexplicably did 4-5 loads of laundry a week, but this is not average behavior, it's OCD prissy insane behavior. I do two loads of laundry every two weeks, averaging out to 50 loads a year, and even those loads are usually very small because I'm just one person. I could double my laundry size and still do only 50 a year. (So does that mean that on the other end of the spectrum, there's a family doing 1200 loads a year? I guess I'm not considered a "family" though.)

So does the average family in this country have 8 children? And if this statistic is true, no wonder housewives moan about it being a full time job. I mean, that's almost 8 loads of laundry every god damn weekend. Some of y'all seriously need to go to Target and buy a few more packs of undies. Seriously.

I am pretty pleased with myself that I invested a few hundred extra dollars in an Energy Star W/D, though apparently I'm being super energy efficient just by not throwing my wardrobe out onto the muddy backporch every night for fun, like the rest of the country.

A tip for future W/D buyers, however. When it comes to energy efficiency, you might be seduced by the all-in-one washer/dryer, especially to save space. Do not do it! This is what I had at my old apartment, and any energy saved by the front loading washer was totally canceled when I had to run the dryer three times just to get anything remotely dry.


At 3:52 AM, January 21, 2008, Anonymous Brian said...

ha ha, that does sound like an excessive amount of laundry.


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