Sunday, January 13, 2008

Like a giant, thick splinter jabbed up your thumbnail

Well actually not like that, but exactly that. And FUCK it hurt, and still does, but you know what? My chimney looks spectac-fabulous despite all the blood I dripped on it. I also rubbed off my fingerprints getting it clean with a torn up old t-shirt and a bowl of water, but seriously: Amazalicious. Getting the chimney clean may not seem like a priority, but my heating guy was supposed to come by this weekend to set up the gas range in the fireplace and turn on the pilot, and I wanted to get all the dust off while I could still lay a plastic sheet over the range. Of course, he never showed up, so. That was 2/3 a season of Firefly well spent.

Seriously though, I'm sore. Sore. I started the weekend out well enough, by getting nice and drunk at Nick's place. We've been talking about me coming to see one of his photoshoots for going on a year now, and Friday I was finally able to make it over. Let's do another round of Things I Learned On Friday:
  • A model will actually eat something called "Butter Chicken"
  • PBR was around before 1947
  • I'm awesome at holding up umbrella flaps that are in the way.
  • Sometimes boys are prettier than girls.
  • I'm not the only one who listens to "Dashboard" on repeat for hours.

But it was actually a blast, and followed up by more beer and Resident Evil: Extinction, for which I suppose I now must see the first two in that series so I can watch Milla kick a little more ass.

Saturday I got 85% of my shit unpacked and into shelves and drawers and other places they should be. I also purged a lot and made an "ebay/craigslist" pile. Unfortunately I discovered a little too late that all my Indian clothes got wet inside my travel backpack from the toilet situation last week. They reek of mildew, but I don't have time to handwash them all right now, so they're just hanging out for awhile.

Today I met with a certain local blogger who interviewed me about my house renovations. Thinking back on it, I think I may have given a couple stupid answers, but hey, I'm sure the commenters will be right there to point them out. There's also going to be a big picture of me to go with it, which I hope everyone gets a good laugh out of. At least I got one full shower of hot water in before that was taken. Speaking of which, Nick did a little troubleshooting today and thinks he has the situation figured out, but we'll know more tomorrow. Oh, I should be getting my fridge and washer/dryer this week! Hooray!

And, I have jury duty tomorrow. Sigh.


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