Monday, January 14, 2008

Liveblogging Jury Duty

Okay not really. I wanted to but then my blackberry died right about the time I was considering slitting my wrists out of sheer boredom and the mere thought of the National Treasure dvd being started over again for the third time on the 8 televisions in the waiting room.

Unlike last year, I actually got called for a panel this time. So I make my merry way to the atrium where me and 40 other people are supposed to wait for the clerk, and frankly I'm a little excited just to get to do something finally. The second the clerk shows up she calls my name, and me, startled, stammers, "uh, yes, here!" And she immediately tells me to go back to the waiting room. Sigh. My name had been called second to last in the big list, so apparently I was an alternate, and since everyone showed up, they didn't even need me for the freaking panel at all. Yeesh. God National Treasure really sucked.

As a consolation prize, or something, I got to sit outside at ABP since 500 people were unleashed at once to go eat and so there were no tables left inside anywhere in a 5 block area, and thus got to experience a near-Hitchcockian scene of birds with that glint in their eye that said, "It's been a long winter, ho, and the second you look away we won't hesitate to peck at your eyes until you let go of that fucking croissant."


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