Friday, January 25, 2008

My excitement over appliances is contagious

I have to say it's been a pretty stellar week. Not like, for sleeping or resting or anything silly like that. First of all, I think that Exposed Winner's Announcement Day is quickly becoming my very favorite day of the year. Unfortunately this year I was out in the middle of nowheresville Virginia at a client's office with only my little blackberry and no real way to watch the insane commotion get set in motion. It's such a joy to see all these people get so excited over our little shin-dig. (To wit: they blew the roof off our page view counter on Wednesday.) I set up a discussion board for them, so that I wouldn't be fielding tons of emails this year, but it's actually backfiring a little bit because they're filling up threads so fast I feel like I have to check on it every hour or so to see what questions need to be answered, and I fear them losing touch of the whole "fun" part of this by getting bogged down in the minutia of printing color spectra or some such, so I gotta nip the seriousness in the bud. No matter, it's a totally great time and I get the warm fuzzies just being involved.

What else? Yeah, so I think I blogged about this already, but on Monday the inspector came to make sure I did all my repairs, and he totally approved it and sent the paperwork off to the lender. Today in the mail I got the form I need to sign to state I acted as a general contractor and assured all the work was finished. We're getting very, very close to payday, folks.

Oh, today actually was payday, the regular every-two-week one. So I celebrated by buying some fresh pitted green olives and an Amy's frozen pizza (spinach!) at Giant.

And, oh, this is very exciting! I got a trash can! And I didn't even have to call Councilman Graham's office this time (though it did require a call to the Mayor's hotline). Nevertheless, it was only a mere three weeks without a trash can this time, and not three months like last time. Trash goes out tomorrow!

My fireplace is working! I still need to paint that tubing black and add all the rocks and embers, but it's pretty sweet right now as it is.

Tomorrow I'll finish the week off by doing some light fixture installation with my renovation helper. Hooray for light bulbs not dangling from wires!

P.S. More good news! I just went over to Flickr to cut and paste links into the post, and on my contacts I saw this little sweet thing! Congrats Jake!


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