Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh you know you care.

So there's a big profile on my house rehabbing over at Prince of Petworth. I didn't at all freak out when I clicked over and saw that big picture of myself...mmm-hmmm. Anyway, most of those details have been written about here, but there it is for the rest of the world, waiting patiently for people to tell me how crazy I am for one reason or another.

In related news, Nick (who got crazy mentions in the interview, mostly because he was at my house Sunday troubleshooting the water heater and came with me to the coffee shop where I was being interviewed, so I was like, "that guy who was just here, for instance, helped out a lot" and he was like "so that's spelled N-I-C-K?")...what was I saying? Yeah, so after the troubleshooting, he went to the hardware this morning and got a heating element, then came over, drained the heater, and pulled out the existing element. Check this out:
Ah, yeah, that's a problem.
Ding ding ding!! Vanna, what has he won!!

So obviously there's a decaying metal bar sitting at the bottom of the water heater along with landfills worth of sediment, which is only a problem because over the course of the draining and refilling and opening all the kitchen sink suddenly stopped running, and we fear it's been clogged. Sigh. I'll have to call my grandpa for a lesson on snaking pipes, which he used to do a lot at our house.

On the up side, I totally have hot water, yo! I'm going to get up and take a shower before I go to work like a normal person. A normal CLEAN person. For reals. And it only cost me a $500 printer I never used, a $50 bottle of gin I wouldn't ever drink, and about $60 in supplies (but I have a brand new garden hose for the spring!).


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