Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Right on Cue....

I just got a cancellation confirmation from Verizon.  Some choice bits from the letter that they might have thought about taking to heart before I left in a furious rage:
Dear Valued Verizon Online Member,

--We're sorry to see you go ...
--Are you sure you want to cancel? Have you taken advantage of all that your Verizon Online DSL service has to offer, including lower pricing packages and cool new features?
--To learn about special offers available only to Verizon Online DSL customers like you...
--Again, we're sorry to lose you as a customer and welcome the opportunity to resolve any problems you may have experienced.
--It has been a pleasure serving you.
Well, Verizon, it's been a pleasure dumping your sorry ass in the gutter.  kthxbye!


At 5:01 PM, January 09, 2008, Blogger christian said...

DSL customers?! really?

I'm all about DSL.


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