Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Slightly Victorious!

It's been a slightly better day than yesterday in the life of a homeowner slash recently-moved person. 
First, the fabulous floors in Casa de Cosmos have been featured on Prince of Petworth.  I had left a note in his forum about the great work Alpha did so as to recommend them to others, and PoP emailed me to ask if he could feature them on the site.  Heck yah!  Stay tuned, TTtC fans, because there may be at least one more feature to come next week.
You may know I've been in vicious, bloody battle with Verizon for weeks now.  First the nightmare of trying to get my DSL moved with me to the house, then giving that up after two weeks, then spending this entire week just trying to cancel my damn service.  Monday I was on hold for 45 minutes before the line just went dead; Tuesday I got ahold of Calcutta, who told me they were having trouble transferring people to the cancellation department, since it was their weekly extra day off to prevent people from ending service, so I should call back later.  Though before I hung up I made him refund me two days to compensate for my time.  Today I got ahold of Cancellation, finally, who proceeded to sell me new packages, etc, until I explained sternly that I didn't want any more of their bullshit and just wanted to be free from this hateful, damaging relationship.  She interrupted me rudely, inexplicably trying to "sweet talk" into staying, even after I told her, when asked, that "unbelievably incompetent customer service" was why I was leaving.  So I confirmed that my service had indeed been canceled, and hung up on her mid-sentence.  Bitch.
Then I had to call Comcast.  Why?  I got my first bill from them yesterday that included $100 in charges for things I didn't buy, namely, cable TV and its installation.  So I told the guy at Comcast that I only ordered internet, who for some reason tried to insinuate that maybe, just maybe I did order both.  Then tried to charge me an $11 fee and get me to take a half day off work to wait for them to come back and "deinstall" the cable.  Give me a break, people.  I insisted three times that I was not going to pay that $11 even a little bit, and three times he put me on hold...the third time he came back and said he waived it.  That's what I thought, jerk.  I do have to be home between 2 and 5pm next Saturday, but at least I insisted they come on the weekend.
So hey!  Given the relative success of my calls to customer service, I'd say that actually went pretty well.  The hot water heater still isn't working, thing at a time, you know.


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