Sunday, January 20, 2008

Uh, what?

Today was the day I was supposed to wait for Comcast to come turn the cable tv off that they mistakenly turned on a few weeks ago (remember I talked them into coming on the weekend). At 2pm I get a phone call from the Comcast guy:

Comcast Guy: "Hi, I'm from Comcast and was supposed to turn your cable television off, but I forgot the modem blocker, so I'm just going to leave it on."
Me: "Um...okay?"
CG: "Yeah, I can't keep the internet on without the blocker, so I'm just gonna leave it all on."
Me: "Uh...okay? ??"
CG: "So just be sure to check your next bill and make sure they're not charging you for the tv anymore."
Me: "....Um. Okay? ????"

So. Um. Score?


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