Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Who messed with my Law & Order?

Wtf is this all about? Freaking Billy Chenowith is Detective Green's second now? Earl?? Damn. I mean, I love Jeremy Sisto, but only in that demented, you're-a-super-freak and freakishly hot kinda way. I guess he's more the 2008 reincarnation of Benjamin Bratt and not so much Dennis Farrina. Sigh. I still miss Lennie.

And I've only just started watching the episode, but I'm going to lose my shit if Jack McCoy has been shuffled up to the non-glorious shoes of Fred Thompson while some new guy demands "Were you lying then or are you lying now!!" No, it's not a question. How am I gonna get through an entire episode without yearning to get my broker on the line?

I've watched twenty episodes of reruns in the past week, and this is jolting my whole world around. I need to go sit down.

Update: Oh okay. So I don't even have regular actor retirement to blame for this -- I'd wonder when Jack got elected without ever even seeing it on a commercial once -- but, no, it's fucking Indecision '08. Argg Republicans. To be fair, they finally got the winning formula super hottness and believable brains in Alana de la Garza, and it only took about 17 seasons. Ten times better than Det. Lockley anyway, most well known for horrifically delivered lines and the infamous "Lesbians? Who was talking about lesbians?" episode. Oh, haha. Jack made fun of Linus' "gadget." Stoopid lawyers and their blackberries.


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