Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bring on the chemical warfare

I forgot to mention one other thing I did this weekend: tape my new insulation kit over the windows to keep out the wintery drafts. Obviously, this is not a permanent solution, but hunting around to find leaks and caulking up all the windows is the kind of time-consumer that's low on my list, especially when I have an easy temporary solution. (Note, however, that I did discover one of my upstairs windows has a bad, bad water leak, and will probably need to be totally replaced eventually. Someone put that on the list.)

I also imagined it probably wouldn't be as "invisible" as they advertise, but I had no idea how bad it would actually be. It kind of looks like I went to, drank a couple gallons of kool-aid, hopped the first bus to the hardware store and bought out their entire stock of duct tape and plastic sheeting to prepare fully for the coming nuclear apocalypse with the terrorists. All I need is a stash of gas masks and a cellar full of canned beans and I'm good to go.

And somehow, amazingly, it's colder now. My only guess is that since it's not constantly drafting freezing cold air inside, the heater isn't running as much as it used to, so the hot air all kind of drifts to the ceiling (again: high ceilings aren't always so amazing) and the chillier but not freezing air left behind isn't replaced in a timely manner.

So. Another house issue resolved, like all the others.


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