Thursday, February 28, 2008


The contractors who did up a little kitchen design and estimate came over today to go over them with me. These are the same guys who noticed a gas leak last week and said I should call my heating contractor. I did, and the heating guy said that he smelled it wafting from the ground, underneath the meter, which means I needed to call the gas company.

That in itself sucks pretty bad, because I've had nothing but incredibly rude, incompetent service from this bunch of buffoons since I bought this house. I called their emergency line and they said they'd send someone out as soon as they could. This was early, I was at work, and with the zillion things going on, I just forgot about it after a few hours.

That was last Friday. The heat stopped working on Tuesday.

As my kitchen guys were leaving today I said, "hey, do you smell any more gas?" Because I didn't smell it in the first place, so I figured they would if it was still there. They said they didn't, but they're typical touchy handymen and both went to inspect the meter. One of them said, hey, there's a little note attached here. I hadn't seen it, and definitely couldn't reach it. The contractor nearly fell over the railing trying to pull it off. It says: "FLEX CONNECTOR FITTING LEAKING. NO ONE HERE TO SIGN." And my contractor added, looking at the meter, "The gas is turned off."

Well folks, I guess we figured out the mystery of the programmable thermostat. THE GAS HAS TO BE FUCKING ON FOR IT TO WORK. ARRRRGGGJAOPERJIANJKE;FNA;EFJA;.

And no one at Washington Gas could have picked up a god damn phone and called me? I had to figure it out by freezing to death for 24 hours and waiting for someone with better eyes than me to practically crawl underneath my porch?? And maybe you can see how the four day difference between my "emergency" (if there was ever a use for scare quotes) call to the gas company and them actually sending someone out means I didn't make the connection about my heat right away.

So I called the emergency line back and was like, "Get over here and turn my gas on RIGHT NOW." After putting me on hold for five minutes, she informed me that this is now a service call, and I'll have to call back at 8am. Guess how much I swore in her perky little ear?

And the stupid part is, I know how to turn the meter back on, but I can't tell from this poorly written note if it's actually been fixed or not. But guess who's probably going to have to take a day off work to figure it out? And it's not perky "emergency" services girl, that's for sure.


At 8:35 AM, February 29, 2008, Anonymous Max said...

That is just plain the suck.

Gotta love dealing with utility and cable companies. They seriously don't care if your house is on fire or that you're missing the Sopranos due to their terrible customer service.

I hope you can get it fixed soon! Being without heat is not fun, but it's good that you've got some space heaters.


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