Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Keeping Up with the Who?

Ah, the blog! Hi. Sorry. Shits been nuts up in here. Cliffnotes (foreshadowing!):

I got some very, very good monetary news at work the other day. Let's just say that March 7 is going to be on me. Like, all of it. Whatever you want boys and girls, you want that lollipop? Its yours. Credit cards? Be gone! Kitchen renovation? Yes plz. Guess what? I worked a lot of effing hours in 2007, it turns out. I kind of remember it.

Speaking of March 7. Exposed is almost upon us. It's bigger this year, which means a couple snags here and there, but we'll hit that finish line, I hope, quite awesomely. Though I'm not even kidding about retiring on March 8. Seriously. I'll be in Cabo with something frosty and no communication devices in sight.

My second article is up on Washingtonian. It's the dreaded mortgage column. It had to be done. Speaking of which, I meet a contractor on Thursday to go over three design proposals he made for my kitchen. As long as it includes cabinets that don't open the wrong direction, any counter space at all, and a garbage disposal, we're good to go.

Good news! The Sound and the Fury is finally started to make sense. Of course, it required going to Wikipedia and reading the entire synopsis of each chapter, but you know, I'm totally getting it now. Actually I'm glad I did that, because although I more or less got that Quentin killed himself, once I got to the third chapter and suddenly Quentin is a GIRL and SEVENTEEN and I was like "wtf my mind is exploding" because I totally did not get at all, even a little bit, that Caddy got pregnant, married, and dumped by her husband for cheating. I mean, not even a little bit. So I'm all caught up now, and Jason's hateful chapter is moving right along.

Which, I think I'll go read now. So long!


At 5:48 AM, February 27, 2008, Blogger christian said...

yay! i love books!

congrats. now buy me things.



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