Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Need food, sleep, vacation.

Okay, I've started and stopped this blog post for like three days now. I am slightly overwhelmed, folks. I've always been one of those insane people who isn't happy unless she's working on 10 different projects, but sometimes I go a little overboard, and now is one of those times. But of course, it's all awesome and fun and I don't want to give any of it up, it's just that when snags or schedule shifts or other issues arise that everything suddenly turns to chaos. Like a race car going 150mph, happy as a clam, speeding along quite nicely, but all it takes is a tiny little pebble to get under my tires and....well you get it.

Anyway. I didn't want to mention this until it actually came through for sure, but the Washingtonian is now running a weekly column about my renovation experiences. So if you haven't gotten enough "ZOMG I BOUGHT A HOUSE WHAT AM I DOING" on the blog here, click on over for a slightly better written (with editing and like spell check n' stuff!) version every Tuesday. Big thanks to Catherine for opening the door there.

Dudes. I saw the freaking space shuttle this weekend. SPACE SHUTTLE. And it was awesome. Then I watched Atlantis glide its way safely back to Earth early this morning, before catching the total lunar eclipse tonight, and then logging on to Flickr to see that I can count on my nerds to get me some good pics -- look at the freaking DCist pool! And then I totally caught the destruction of the spy satellite on film! (Enquirer, call me.) So it's been a good week for space, folks. I'm all riled up, anyway.


At 1:36 AM, February 21, 2008, Blogger OutdoorType said...

Space things are awesome. Can I just say that while I think you posted first, I didn't read your latest entry tonight until after I'd blogged about pretty much the same thing. Well, except for I don't have a column on Washingtonian nor do I have a reason for a good race car analogy. But still... Happy Space Month!


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