Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hey look....

Someone went to our Emerge Exposed panel and took lots of notes.

I know I've been slacking on the blog. I've been trying to catch up in real life and having marginal success. Today, naturally, I have to go to this photo shoot thing that I was asked to help plan (for, it seems, no apparent reason) and there's also no apparent reason for me to go except to serve as damage control officer, as usual. Either way, it's another 5-6 hours I'll spend stressing out that I could be at home getting shit done.

The good news is my kitchen renovation is heartily underway. The chimney has been exposed giving about 8" of new space, and I went to Ikea yesterday to scope out cabinets and hardware, and settled on the kind I plan to go with. Last night I graphed out the entire space, chose each cabinet, then went to to buy my new dishwasher, microwave, sink, faucet, and garbage disposal. Things are under way!

Remember you can keep up on my renovation adventures over at Washingtonian every Tuesday.


At 11:47 PM, March 30, 2008, Blogger Emily said...

I've been meaning to tell you--your house-renovating blog is awesome and I am very much enjoying reading it (even though it makes me want to continue renting until I die).

At 11:48 PM, March 30, 2008, Blogger Heather said...

Haha, fair enough.


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