Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Turn Me On (All Week Long)

Well hey. After abandoning the dredges of humanity in Vegas, I seem to be on an upswing. Tomorrow I'm scheduled to host a live chat with the fine people at Washingtonian.com, in lieu of my renovation column this week. Tune in tomorrow to watch me answer readers' burning questions about construction loans, kitchen cabinets, and managing my own little superbowl team of contractors. You're just gonna be sitting there eating lunch anyway, right?

The good Prince at PoP mentioned it on his site today -- and of course, he's the one who started all this craziness when he interviewed me last winter. A commenter joked that I've turned myself into renovator of the year, which, yeah. Judging by how much HGTV I used to watch, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that people find the renovation work interesting, but, whatever, I'm still totally surprised that people think my little ol' project is fascinating. I even have a small handful of new email friends, who've contacted me from PoP or Washingtonian asking for advice, and now we all regularly trade tips. What a strange little world this is.

Oh, which reminds me, if all goes well (and it will, right?), my kitchen will be done at the end of Friday. What's that? Yeah, I said DONE. DONE DONE DONE. Finito. Nada mas. Zip. (Okay, except for the painting.) Contractors are coming Wednesday to prep for the counters, the counter guys come Thursday, and the contractors come back Friday to install the sink/dishwasher/garbage disposal. WAAAAAHOOOOO.

One more very important thing: Today I got an email from a producer at the Kojo Nnamdi Show. Yeah, that one! Lenny, a frequent guest, threw my name out when they were looking to fill guest spots for their next local arts discussion. Check it out Thursday, either at noon or 1 (they haven't picked yet), at 88.5 FM.


At 11:44 AM, June 25, 2008, Blogger OutdoorType said...

Ok, so in review, turn you on (all week long), but don't rub your head. Got it. Further tips to follow? ;)

At 9:55 PM, July 29, 2008, Blogger yh said...

Very misleading title.


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