Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another low for humanity

As if I hadn't already lost all faith in the world. First America voted George W. Bush into office twice, then I discover that customer service ain't what it used to be, and now this.

Last night I posted on flickr the Mirrored Doors to Hell that exist in my bathroom:

I hope God punishes whoever designed this cabinet

And here I thought this was just some horror of design masterminded by the freakshow previous owner who brought me such novelties as the Kitchen Cabinets That Don't Close and Marion Barry's Hot Tub. Turns out this beast is MASS PRODUCED.

And not a little bit mass produced, says yet another with one hanging in her home, but SERIOUSLY mass produced.

My only consolation now, I guess, is that I don't suffer alone.

I will wash things and make other things cold!

Email from Mom last night:  "Costco says your fridge is there, they just had the wrong telephone number for you.  They should be calling you tomorrow to set up delivery."
Phone call just now: "Hi, this is Lowes Service Center.  This is a courtesy call to tell you that your washer/dryer is now in stock at your local store, and a Lowes agent will be calling you shortly to schedule a delivery time."

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hello World!!1!

I'm BACK. After only two long calls to comcast technical support, I am back online! Woo! And I'll give them something, even though I had a bitch of a time installing this shizz (and it turns out, it was a glitch in their software), both the people I spoke to were incredibly nice and helpful. Let's keep it that way, shall we?

God! The possibilities now! I have photos to upload! Blogs to update! Comments to make and feeds to read! Where do I start?? Oh tubes of information, I missed you.

Right on Cue....

I just got a cancellation confirmation from Verizon.  Some choice bits from the letter that they might have thought about taking to heart before I left in a furious rage:
Dear Valued Verizon Online Member,

--We're sorry to see you go ...
--Are you sure you want to cancel? Have you taken advantage of all that your Verizon Online DSL service has to offer, including lower pricing packages and cool new features?
--To learn about special offers available only to Verizon Online DSL customers like you...
--Again, we're sorry to lose you as a customer and welcome the opportunity to resolve any problems you may have experienced.
--It has been a pleasure serving you.
Well, Verizon, it's been a pleasure dumping your sorry ass in the gutter.  kthxbye!

Slightly Victorious!

It's been a slightly better day than yesterday in the life of a homeowner slash recently-moved person. 
First, the fabulous floors in Casa de Cosmos have been featured on Prince of Petworth.  I had left a note in his forum about the great work Alpha did so as to recommend them to others, and PoP emailed me to ask if he could feature them on the site.  Heck yah!  Stay tuned, TTtC fans, because there may be at least one more feature to come next week.
You may know I've been in vicious, bloody battle with Verizon for weeks now.  First the nightmare of trying to get my DSL moved with me to the house, then giving that up after two weeks, then spending this entire week just trying to cancel my damn service.  Monday I was on hold for 45 minutes before the line just went dead; Tuesday I got ahold of Calcutta, who told me they were having trouble transferring people to the cancellation department, since it was their weekly extra day off to prevent people from ending service, so I should call back later.  Though before I hung up I made him refund me two days to compensate for my time.  Today I got ahold of Cancellation, finally, who proceeded to sell me new packages, etc, until I explained sternly that I didn't want any more of their bullshit and just wanted to be free from this hateful, damaging relationship.  She interrupted me rudely, inexplicably trying to "sweet talk" into staying, even after I told her, when asked, that "unbelievably incompetent customer service" was why I was leaving.  So I confirmed that my service had indeed been canceled, and hung up on her mid-sentence.  Bitch.
Then I had to call Comcast.  Why?  I got my first bill from them yesterday that included $100 in charges for things I didn't buy, namely, cable TV and its installation.  So I told the guy at Comcast that I only ordered internet, who for some reason tried to insinuate that maybe, just maybe I did order both.  Then tried to charge me an $11 fee and get me to take a half day off work to wait for them to come back and "deinstall" the cable.  Give me a break, people.  I insisted three times that I was not going to pay that $11 even a little bit, and three times he put me on hold...the third time he came back and said he waived it.  That's what I thought, jerk.  I do have to be home between 2 and 5pm next Saturday, but at least I insisted they come on the weekend.
So hey!  Given the relative success of my calls to customer service, I'd say that actually went pretty well.  The hot water heater still isn't working, thing at a time, you know.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Life as a homeowner begins

As you may have guessed by my bloggy absence, I'm moved into my house and yes, misplaced the software Comcast gave me, so even though I'm "hooked up," I can't actually get online.  Luckily, a spare came in the mail today, so I should be able to get back on the nets tonight.
Not that I'll have any time to screw around online, because I'll be spending the evening troubleshooting my water heater.  After we got the toilet leak repaired on Saturday (which, as I suspected, was not even close to a $400 worthy repair), I asked my moving helpers to take a quick look at the water heater.  When I originally turned it on, my contractor told me I would hear a faint buzz as the electricity flowed through it, but I heard zippo, and I had a real fear it just wasn't on at all.  Luckily that was an easy fix, as well.  Brian took the face plate off and lo, the reset button was popped, so he popped it back in and we all heard the spectacular sound of electrons zipping about. 
It took about six hours longer than it was supposed to, but I did eventually get hot water, and after a full day of moving and unpacking and scrubbing my bathroom clean of Hep A, I was happy to indulge in a nice long shower.  Since I showered Sunday night, I didn't the next morning, so it wasn't until last night when I was washing my face that I realized the tap wasn't even remotely warm.  I turned on the shower for as long as my water-conserving mind would allow and yep, the hot water had vanished.
So I hit the breakers and took off the face plate to the water heater, but this time the reset button had not popped, and strangely, the insulation bits covering it were wet.  Well, fuck me.  So tonight I'm going to hit up the hardware store, which is becoming a regular part of my walk home, and get a multimeter so I can check the heating elements and thermostat and see where the issue lies.  If it's some kind of serious leak, well.  Well.  It turns out the individual pieces to the heater are pretty cheap, so I really hope it's a relatively simple fix and not a "Buy a New Water Heater and Wait Two Weeks For It" fix.
But hey, that's life now!  I'm slowly getting everything unpacked, and going through Buffy Season 5 when I need a break, at least when my friends aren't coming over with hilarious superhero movies co-starring Martin Sheen and/or early 80's alien tv series to watch.  Sorry I don't have more pics of the house yet, but I'll get some up once the comcast issue is resolved.  I have some really good ones of the medicine cabinet from hell, and the dry cheese sandwich I had for dinner last night, when I discovered the flooring guys unhooked my stove. 
Exciting News Though!  Keep your eyes peeled, fans of my housing saga.  A popular local blogger will be featuring the Cosmos Castle and all the struggles you read about here in the very near future.  More when it happens!

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