Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh yes, I'll wait.

Yesterday I put up on Flickr a picture of my new fridge, innocently adding that it would be used to house my stockpile of coffee ice cream, when a Flickr pal of mine burst forth with the information that such a thing as "coffee syrup" exists. A few of us wondered how such a magical substance could exist without any of us knowing, and as it turns out, it's kept close to the bosom of those darn Rhode Islanders, who went so far as to make Coffee Milk their state beverage.

Since this was the most exciting thing to happen to me in hours, I spent precious time today googling coffee syrup and --yes!-- I found a proprietor who would sell this delicious sticky substance by the caseful. It didn't take long for me to find four other people, most of whom responded with cries of joy unbounded by the limits of mere human emotion, who would go in with me on a six pack, reasonably priced at $19.95 including shipping and tax.

The sad cliffhanger to this tale? It takes 2-3 weeks for delivery. But I'm a patient woman. I'll wait for my treasure to come.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I gotta say it was a good day

Today I got to play queen of my little palace here. I sat around in my cuddly sweater and pj pants, while it snowed a storm outside, and people brought me presents of all shapes and sizes.

Lowes called me last night to inform me they'd be delivering my washer/dryer between 11:30 and 3pm today, which, c'mon, is a little awkward of a time when a person works for a living. But I couldn't reschedule easily and when I heard about the snow and ice that was supposed to accumulate over night I just decided to work from home.

And it's a good thing I did, because at 8:50am my phone rang, right before I'd usually be arriving at my office (haha, yeah right, like I'm ever on time), and said my refrigerator would be delivered in one hour. Huzzah! And lo, the refrigerator came, and it was shiny and tall and good.

A few hours later the washer of clothes arrived, and I was pleased to find out that the delivery men were going to hook it up for me. It's an Energy Star W/D, which means I had to call Lowes and find out the two extra pieces I needed to "convert" the hook-up to work with my non-standard....well whatever. Energy efficient things always cost more. But I worried since it didn't all come in one package that I'd have to do it myself, but thankfully no. And it just barely, barely fits in my closet....I'm not actually sure that once I put the door back on, it will close properly, but that's low priority at the moment.

The important thing is: I'm done with all the projects underneath my construction loan. That means tomorrow I can call that horrid bitch of a loan officer in California and attempt to get an inspector scheduled, and when (if?) he approves my work, I GET MY MONEY!! Woo. I seriously need that weight off my credit cards, like, stat.

Then, happily, our staff meeting was canceled at 6, so I didn't even have to pretend to go to work, and instead stayed inside and watched the snow flutter by. Around 4pm I realized that, holy cow, I'm responsible for shoveling a walk! So I had one of those "omg first snow!" moments where I ran downstairs and got the snow shovel and the bag of salt I bought last month and went to town on the porch steps and the sidewalk. I'm pretty damn proud of myself. And I'll rejoice in that feeling until the next time I have to do it when I will instantly remember how much I hate winters on the East coast.

I even got awesome mail today.

So, it was a good day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I don't know what it is with me and exclamation points lately, but I'm just going to go with it.  Anyway, I had one of those strange coincidences this morning that needed to be blogged.
Last night I was doing a little judging for Exposed (603 photos!) and got to JamesCalder's photographs.  I didn't think all too much of it, but remembered meeting him and his wife at the reception last year and how popular his Ben's Chili Bowl photo was.  Then this morning I was on my way to work and as I crossed 18th Street this guy on the other side stopped as I walked towards him, and then called, "Heather?"  I feel bad because my vision has severely deteriorated in the past three years of not going to the eye doctor, so I did this awful lean forward/squint thing before he patted his chest and said, "It's James." 
We walked about four blocks together and he told me another one of those stories that just melts my cold little heart.  Though he was on his way to his job downtown, this week is his last one -- turns out the photography he did for fun for a local group turned into a big success, and they asked him to come on full time!  Okay, okay, it's not like Exposed had anything to do with it, but I still think it's awesome to see all these former amateurs become so successful with their work, and so much of it has happened to them in the past year since the show, it's just been amazing for me to watch.  It's also inspiring that maybe I, too, can take some of my "amateur" skills and turn them into a job I love one day. 

Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh you know you care.

So there's a big profile on my house rehabbing over at Prince of Petworth. I didn't at all freak out when I clicked over and saw that big picture of myself...mmm-hmmm. Anyway, most of those details have been written about here, but there it is for the rest of the world, waiting patiently for people to tell me how crazy I am for one reason or another.

In related news, Nick (who got crazy mentions in the interview, mostly because he was at my house Sunday troubleshooting the water heater and came with me to the coffee shop where I was being interviewed, so I was like, "that guy who was just here, for instance, helped out a lot" and he was like "so that's spelled N-I-C-K?")...what was I saying? Yeah, so after the troubleshooting, he went to the hardware this morning and got a heating element, then came over, drained the heater, and pulled out the existing element. Check this out:
Ah, yeah, that's a problem.
Ding ding ding!! Vanna, what has he won!!

So obviously there's a decaying metal bar sitting at the bottom of the water heater along with landfills worth of sediment, which is only a problem because over the course of the draining and refilling and opening all the kitchen sink suddenly stopped running, and we fear it's been clogged. Sigh. I'll have to call my grandpa for a lesson on snaking pipes, which he used to do a lot at our house.

On the up side, I totally have hot water, yo! I'm going to get up and take a shower before I go to work like a normal person. A normal CLEAN person. For reals. And it only cost me a $500 printer I never used, a $50 bottle of gin I wouldn't ever drink, and about $60 in supplies (but I have a brand new garden hose for the spring!).

Liveblogging Jury Duty

Okay not really. I wanted to but then my blackberry died right about the time I was considering slitting my wrists out of sheer boredom and the mere thought of the National Treasure dvd being started over again for the third time on the 8 televisions in the waiting room.

Unlike last year, I actually got called for a panel this time. So I make my merry way to the atrium where me and 40 other people are supposed to wait for the clerk, and frankly I'm a little excited just to get to do something finally. The second the clerk shows up she calls my name, and me, startled, stammers, "uh, yes, here!" And she immediately tells me to go back to the waiting room. Sigh. My name had been called second to last in the big list, so apparently I was an alternate, and since everyone showed up, they didn't even need me for the freaking panel at all. Yeesh. God National Treasure really sucked.

As a consolation prize, or something, I got to sit outside at ABP since 500 people were unleashed at once to go eat and so there were no tables left inside anywhere in a 5 block area, and thus got to experience a near-Hitchcockian scene of birds with that glint in their eye that said, "It's been a long winter, ho, and the second you look away we won't hesitate to peck at your eyes until you let go of that fucking croissant."

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Like a giant, thick splinter jabbed up your thumbnail

Well actually not like that, but exactly that. And FUCK it hurt, and still does, but you know what? My chimney looks spectac-fabulous despite all the blood I dripped on it. I also rubbed off my fingerprints getting it clean with a torn up old t-shirt and a bowl of water, but seriously: Amazalicious. Getting the chimney clean may not seem like a priority, but my heating guy was supposed to come by this weekend to set up the gas range in the fireplace and turn on the pilot, and I wanted to get all the dust off while I could still lay a plastic sheet over the range. Of course, he never showed up, so. That was 2/3 a season of Firefly well spent.

Seriously though, I'm sore. Sore. I started the weekend out well enough, by getting nice and drunk at Nick's place. We've been talking about me coming to see one of his photoshoots for going on a year now, and Friday I was finally able to make it over. Let's do another round of Things I Learned On Friday:
  • A model will actually eat something called "Butter Chicken"
  • PBR was around before 1947
  • I'm awesome at holding up umbrella flaps that are in the way.
  • Sometimes boys are prettier than girls.
  • I'm not the only one who listens to "Dashboard" on repeat for hours.

But it was actually a blast, and followed up by more beer and Resident Evil: Extinction, for which I suppose I now must see the first two in that series so I can watch Milla kick a little more ass.

Saturday I got 85% of my shit unpacked and into shelves and drawers and other places they should be. I also purged a lot and made an "ebay/craigslist" pile. Unfortunately I discovered a little too late that all my Indian clothes got wet inside my travel backpack from the toilet situation last week. They reek of mildew, but I don't have time to handwash them all right now, so they're just hanging out for awhile.

Today I met with a certain local blogger who interviewed me about my house renovations. Thinking back on it, I think I may have given a couple stupid answers, but hey, I'm sure the commenters will be right there to point them out. There's also going to be a big picture of me to go with it, which I hope everyone gets a good laugh out of. At least I got one full shower of hot water in before that was taken. Speaking of which, Nick did a little troubleshooting today and thinks he has the situation figured out, but we'll know more tomorrow. Oh, I should be getting my fridge and washer/dryer this week! Hooray!

And, I have jury duty tomorrow. Sigh.

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