Monday, January 28, 2008

It's been an exciting food day.

First, I got a knock on my office door and I could have kissed the courier when I saw when he was holding.
Me and four other people freaked out in so much excitement that my whole work day was pretty much ruined.

Then on my way home I stopped by the grocery store and waited in line for 20 minutes so I could get the one crucial ingredient for dinner that I forgot over the weekend, balsamic vinaigrette. What would I put it on, you ask?


Third Best Holla Ever

[An early twenties/late teens guy walks towards me on the sidewalk carrying a toddler.]

"Hey baby, how you doin? Looking for a momma. I'm looking for a momma, baby!"

I think we've found the point at which slang and normal English definitions meet and explode in a black hole of grammatical death.


This series could easily go on indefinitely. Living in DC, you just get used to being hollered at, but it's so much worse in Columbia Heights. I met someone at Mayorga coffee Saturday morning...a four block walk from my house. I was honked and/or hollered at no less than 12 times there and back. Today I was honked at three times waiting for the light to change on my block. It's beyond absurd. BEYOND.

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