Thursday, February 14, 2008

So, this is what happens to all the High Life when it's drank, right?

About a month ago I was strolling through Second Story Books (love) waiting for a happy hour to begin down the street and allowed myself one book if I could find a good deal. I bought four, naturally (but spent less than $15).

One of the books I got was The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner. I've never read Faulkner, and it was $1, so obviously I had to buy it. (Formerly owned by Nicole Marie of the flowery handwriting, as the inside cover indicates.)

Now, I realize this is a pretty tough book in the best of circumstances, but I'm about 130 pages in and I'm starting to feel like I should be sitting in a chair somewhere drooling on my shirt collar. I'm seriously beginning to rely on the margin notes of a 10th grader over here.

I get that it's stream of conscious, but man, the lack of punctuation is starting to wear me down on my ten minute metro ride home. 300 words in and no commas and my stream of consciousness has moved onto what I'm going to make for dinner. And he actually uses the word fo'c's'le ferchrissakes. (The upper deck of a ship, if yr wondering.)

Here's a pretty good sample of how the entire book so far reads:
Why shouldn't you I want my boys to be more than friends yes Candace and Quentin more than friends Father I have committed what a pity you had no brother or sister No sister no sister had no sister Don't ask Quentin he and Mr Compson both feel a little insulted when I am strong enough to come down to the table I am going on nerve now I'll pay for it after it's all over and you have taken my little daughter away from me My little sister had no. If I could say Mother. Mother
And that's actually a pretty lucid paragraph. On the other hand, it's a pretty fast read since there's nothing to stop me. I hope there's not a brick wall at the end. (On the last page is an exclamation point!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One p.m.

The same associate comes into my office and talks about a case for awhile. Then:

Ass.: Have you eaten?
Me:, but I usually eat late.
Ass.: Come on, let's get lunch. It's on me. We'll go to that place....[starts pointing in meaningless directions, because I have an interior office where one loses all sense of direction]...on the corner.
Me: Cosi?
Ass.: No! The other corner. [Excitedly] They have bourgeois food!
Me: You really like that word.
Ass.: But they do!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I almost forgot the best part of the weekend

The moment I realized something like this existed in the world:

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Weekend: In Mini-Reviews

Friday lunch @ Naan & Beyond: Samosas. A huge sack of them. Need I say more?

Friday lunchbreak @ National Geographic: Yeah, we went back to see the frogs because someone forgot his camera battery the first time, but I'm glad we did because they added more creatures this go around.

Friday night: BJ Novak! Around 4pm I got an IM notifying me that GWU had just released a small batch of tickets for the sold out show, and we quickly grabbed them up. He's just as cute in person and way more offensive. Here's a sample
So I went to the National Zoo to see the pandas -- aren't they so cute? They're SO. CUTE. [explanation of how pandas aren't going extinct because they're hunted, but because they won't mate] Doesn't that mean....that pandas don't think pandas are cute? Shit, if I was a panda I'd fuck the shit out of panda bears, man, just so we could cuddle afterwards [pretend cuddles a panda bear].
Did I mention we got a parking space literally in front of the Lisner auditorium door? Yes, I'm bragging about the parking space. It was awesome.

Friday night later: Black Cat, which I only mention because we got a parking spot literally right in front of the door of the bar. We had some serious parking karma going on.

Saturday afternoon: ACKC, the new chocolate cafe on 14th Street. Delish! I had a "breakfast brioche" that turned out to be filled with yummy scrambled eggs and cheese. I also got a box of truffles and so far the Cardamom/Blueberry and the Chipotle ones have been excellent. Importantly, I was meeting with some folks to lock down our Exposed event, which is going to be fantastic. More on that later.

Saturday later afternoon: Japan! So awesome. Just go.

Saturday night: The Red Derby. I've been there a handful of times now and I just love that bar. It's the perfect size, always seems to have the perfect number of people, and the bartenders are not only nice and interesting people to talk to, but they actually -- behold -- pay attention to the bar, so that they'll even see you if you're two people deep waving your hand for a beer. Plus I've been very, very drunk there twice now and haven't broken a single thing, so that's always a good sign.

Sunday morning: Oof. Hungover.

Sunday afternoon: Die Hard 2. Most totally awesome movie, but for a very different reason than Die Hard 1. Plot holes baby! Plot holes littering every page of that script, some of them big enough to drive a tanker truck through. I mean, hello? Land at National maybe? Also: Snowmobiles in Virginia!

Sunday later afternoon: Dying of hunger. Eat a concoction of stale tortilla chips, organic tomato sauce, onion flakes, and shredded cheese. And it was good! I clearly need to be more inventive in my cooking. Maybe tonight I'll see what I can do with a bag of ramen, half a jalapeno, and container of brownie bites leftover from christmas. I'll kill on Iron Chef.

Sunday later afternoon-late at night: Eight hours of Firefly. I made another convert, so even though I didn't do my laundry, write anything, pay my bills or taxes, or install anything in the house, I consider it a successful weekend.

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