Monday, March 03, 2008


Only four short days to go before the opening of DCist Exposed. On the way home I lamented, "I have so much to do!" And my friend said, "Oh yeah, like what?" ", I have to go to Kinkos!, is that it?"

Yeah, pretty much everything is done, so really the issue is that now I just have four days to worry about everything that might go wrong, which is way more work than actually doing something. Last night I created a Facebook event for the reception, so join up if you get the urge.

Once again my biggest task left is deciding what to wear. Since I get my bonus Friday, I'm thinking about finding a few hours to go shopping this week and actually buy something new. Clothes! The act of buying them! It's been awhile, old friend.

Anyway -- you know where to be Friday. See you there!

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