Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It has been a long, crazy week. Also, I'm beat. And it's not over.

I think we can say the opening of Exposed went pretty well. (Whew.) A decent number of folks showed up, even if you don't count the ones who didn't want to wait outside in a line in the rain.

I spent Saturday inside on my couch, cuddled up watching DVDs (The Weather Underground, Shawn of the Dead, and 12 Monkeys). The next morning I had a giant, almost 100% cheese omelet at Florida Avenue Grill, followed by a Vonnegut play in Virginia, promptly followed by getting sick. Ugh. It's sort of like run-of-the-mill cold meets mono. Anyway, I stayed home yesterday, mostly slept all day, and finally hauled my ass to work -- for the first time in four days -- around noon today. I'm feeling better, but I kind of just need a vacation, I think. And someone to clean my house.

Tomorrow we have our special Exposed event, which I'm excited about. The panel is pretty much sold out, but come by at 8pm if you want to check out the show during the post-panel open reception.

Oh, and my kitchen contractors emailed me last Saturday telling me they could start...Wednesday!! Wt heck? I thought we were on the same page about starting in late March, but maybe they thought I would like it if we moved it up a little. So in the wake of Exposed I was suddenly thinking about how fast I could unpack my entire kitchen, research and buy a dishwasher and microwave, and contact my flooring contractors....and I was like, no way. I called them up and told them we couldn't start until the 27th, when I get back from California, which they were totally fine with. Crisis averted, if it was one, which...it wasn't, but you know. What isn't these days.

Okay, time for more sleep.

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