Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Update: The Blog

Ah, life is full of unintentional comedy these days. I went downstairs to my kitchen, not hungry enough to make a big meal, but not sure the tiny need to eat I had was worth making something in my kitchen filled with giant appliance boxes that are taking up enormous amounts of space but at least doubling as some -- any -- counterspace. Well anyway, that's why god invented Ramen, right? So I opened the cabinet to get a bowl....remembering that all my dishes have been sitting out on the kitchen table for weeks. I'm stirring the noodles in the pan and look down at my bowl. A spider had taken up root in it. Awesome.

Anyway, I think you can expect the blog to get a little sparse, as it has been for awhile. I'm in the midst of some crazy projects (one is a new side business you'll be hearing about soon) and all the home renovations -- well, now that I know I'll be writing them for Washingtonian, I tend not to need to run home and vent on TTtC right away. Especially when I can just live-flickr-pix it.

I did really want to get up here and write a very long thesis about why August Rush is the Worst Movie Ever, but sadly I have not had time. But believe me, it was comedic gold. If I ever get angry at the world again I might just sit down and pound it out (so expect it any second now).

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