Saturday, June 21, 2008

Vegas Day 1

So far marked off on my Vegas checklist: lost a hundred at the roulette table, another twenty at slots, learned some valuable tips for blackjack that I'll never use since I only have so much equity in my house to gamble away, drank from a humorously oversized alcoholic beverage, ate dry prime rib at the buffet, seen enough fake tits to float a bulldozer, melted in 107 degree heat, and had some drunk fuck throw up on me in the casino.

Gosh, what's left? See spectacular Vegas show (Elton is tomorrow), lose my house in a dramatic single hand of texas hold 'em, pass out drunk only to wake up in the white tiger den (with or without siegfried and/or roy), and, of course, abandon my dignity with a washed-up dot commer who flew in from Sacramento for the weekend with his boyz in another futile attempt to reclaim his glory days.

Til tomorrow!

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