Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Time to give TTtC its yearly dose of CPR. So many random, strange, awesome things have happened the past year, I'm feeling a little constrained by the 140 character updates, so I thought we'd give the blog another whirl. I feel reinvigorated by my recent dip back into the space pool and excited by all the goings on with Ten Miles Square, but I don't write nearly enough anymore (unless you count my temporary editorship at DCist in May, which is a whole other kind of panic-fear-writing-for-your-life).

Today I swung a press seat to the grossly sold out lecture at the Air and Space Museum featuring the Apollo 11 astronauts and Chris Kraft, founder of Mission Control. The lecture is next month, but I'd like some place to talk about it afterwards that doesn't consist of Twitter "OMG"s. So off we go. One more time!


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